My Back-to-College Wishlist

College is starting back up again, and I've been checking out a few things online that I want to get now, and things that I…
Ryann Aug 16, 2013


Everyone please go check out Street Soccer USA's National Street Soccer Tournament! Sign up and create a team! All the proceeds are donated to our programs as…
Aja Blayke
Aja Blayke May 23, 2013

Lights and Beau Bokan Share Relationship Advice

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I'm sure a lot of you are either A) dreading it or B) super excited. Either way, it's always good…
Tina Feb 09, 2013
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BUZZNET Exclusive: Jillian Rose Reed On Diabetes, Gives Away A Dress!

With the holiday season in full swing, there's no better way to celebrate the spirit of the season than with a little charity - and Jillian…

Best ways to get through finals week

This blog post is for anyone who is in college and is strating finals week tomorrow like me.  Here are some of the ways I…
Aja Blayke
Aja Blayke Dec 09, 2012

5 Simple Tips To Keep You Organized This School Year

In order to have a smooth, successful school year it is essential to stay organized. For some when it comes to school, organization might seem…
Katelyn Annyce
Katelyn Annyce Aug 13, 2012

Dreamers Are Believers

As music lovers, we all understand how important the connection between a fan and the artist is. We would all love the opportunity to tell…
Band Aid Records
Band Aid Records Aug 08, 2012

EMV CHIP&PIN direction at 'local bank' level

Bill Trueman • Great piece Nick - and I hesitate to add to it as one could not beat the clarity. But I do want…
billtrueman Apr 20, 2012

Must and Necessary Steps to Avoid Fraud in a Company

Taking corrective action for fraud prevention in business is not straightforward. In theory it should be, but strategic changes are often hard to make. Operationally…
billtrueman Mar 17, 2012

Makeup Organization

I reorganized my makeup (which was previously scattered all over my bedroom dresser) in one of my dresser drawers. I used berry baskets, tea…

Help STOP Cyber-Bullying! Spread Love, Sign Petition copy, paste & electronically sign this petition! Letters have been sent to Congress.Alot of people tell me how much they have lately received loads of…
Melody Joy [FUNSIZE]
Melody Joy [FUNSIZE] Nov 27, 2011

Krochet Kids

Upon my support for Invisible Children I also am somewhat involved with another organization called Krochet Kids. This organization is just as amazing as Invisible…
Simply.Ana Jul 04, 2010


Ran some errands today with Amber. She's getting ready to move into her new home. It's one of these new, custom-built places. The house is…
bookworm1775 Jun 29, 2010

10 Questions With Tristan Yunker (2/21/2008)

10 Questions With Tristan Yunker (by Darrick Patrick) Tristan Yunker is a professional mixed martial artist who has appeared in events such as King Of The Cage, HDNet Fights, Cage Fighting…
darrickpatrick Feb 21, 2008