YouTube Wednesday: Reachback...your newest spring/summer music addiction

nbsp;        Hello people of the internet!!! On today ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to talk about an amazing new band that I am so excited…
celindareyes Apr 04, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Plug In Stereo

Meet Trevor Dahl, the twenty-year-old mastermind behind Plug In Stereo. Dahl is one of the acoustic world's fastest growing stars, with this melodic tunes and…
clarefitz Apr 01, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Jake West, an incredible musician, a funny vlogger, a MUST HAVE on your favorite playlists

nbsp;       Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I am going to introduce you all to a PHENOMINAL new musician that I recently…
celindareyes Mar 15, 2014

5 Seconds of Summer the new One Direction?

Sadly no, they are not. Unlike the 1D boys, 5SOS actually plays their own music live. (No shade thrown.) 5 Seconds of Summer was once a…
T.M.G Mar 02, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Megan Nicole, the next big thing in pop music!!!

nbsp;        Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I want to introduce you all to an amazing singer/songwriter. This young artist has…
celindareyes Mar 01, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Better If You Don't Have A Valentine This Year

Hello people of the internet!!! Today, we will talk about the heart shaped elephant in the room…Valentine’s Day (cue suspenseful music). Maybe you’re single this…
celindareyes Feb 10, 2014

Music spotlight: One Direction

Happy Monday Buzznet! Welcome to a new music feature I'm trying out on my blog! Music is the number one thing I'm most passionate about…
rachii Feb 03, 2014

Download Music Online

But there are many tips you reached know once you download music online. Many music lovers download music online totally free. But when you have done…
yogurthell36 Jan 31, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Tyler Layne, the future of music has arrived!!!

nbsp;      Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I want to introduce you to a phenomenal up and coming pop singer named Tyler…
celindareyes Jan 30, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Late Nite Reading, the band that's music will keep you singing all day and night!!!

nbsp;        Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ blog, I want to introduce you to an amazing up and coming pop-punk band called…
celindareyes Jan 10, 2014

Top Albums of 2013

This past year marked a great year for music, with plenty of new material creating my playlist of 2013. 10. Union J - Union J /…
khmltn Jan 10, 2014

Steal Kendall Jenner's Winter Style From Volcom

Buzznet East Coasters/ Midwest, are you surviving the freezing temps and cold weather? It's so hard to look cute when there's snow on the ground…
gabbiebrown Jan 07, 2014

5 Seconds of Summer, Your Newest Band Crush

Reblogged from ashleyybourque Imagine a band that consists of four boys, with Australian accents, and a sound that is reminscent of All Time Low and Boys…
Nancy NMCKTV Dec 24, 2013 Originally by ashleyybourque

Friday Favorites for December 14th-December 20th

nbsp;     Hello people of the internet, in honor of everyone’s favorite day of the week, we will be discussing our ‘Friday Favorites’ for December 14th…
celindareyes Dec 20, 2013

The New Judge of The X Factor

With news that Demi Lovato is leaving the X Factor, Simon Cowell will soon be on the hunt for a new judge. We love that…
CASTINGHUB Dec 20, 2013