Tina's Top 5 Most Memorable VMA Performances

Today is the day! The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards air tonight, and like every year, I am buzzing with excitement! This is the night…
Tina Aug 24, 2014

Chokers - #Nosedemoda

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & NSYNC. Si naciste en los 90's creo que entenderas muy bien de que hablo, Durante la "era del milenio" los pantalones…
Micchi  Chavarria
Micchi Chavarria Jul 27, 2014

Boy Bands Taking Over The Music Scene.

Yes. I am writing a post about Boy Bands. All girls have loved them, maybe guys even have a guilty pleasure for them? America has…
nicoledabrowski Jun 19, 2014
Brittany Leepic

Jimmy Says 'Bye, Bye, Bye' to 'Breaking Bad'

N'SYNC tweeted today about Jimmy Fallon's hilaroius "Bye, Bye, Bye," to the infamous AMC series, Breaking Bad. Check out the brilliantly crafted video!  
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell Oct 01, 2013

WATCH: Latest Girl Radical Webisode Feat. JC Chasez

Over the past few months we have been keeping an eye on the latest thing in pop music, Girl Radical! The 11-girl super-group is NSYNC's…

Music Monday: Boy Bands

So there is always something about boys that are in a band together that makes teenagers go crazy in love. Whether it is there dance…
Heartemily Sep 16, 2013

Exclusive Interview With Kota Wade Of Girl Radical

Hey music pals, I want to share an amazing talent with you named Kota Wade. She is 1 of 11 girls in this girl power filled…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 09, 2013

A Backstreet Boys Concert Review Through The Eyes Of An Nsync Fan

SO I am now 24 years old and can confidentaly say that I still will rock out to pop music from 1997-present. It makes me…

The Boy Band Project's 'Find That Girl' Music Video Feat. Kylie Jenner!

Hey Buzznet-ers As you may know I did a post on this new group called The Boy Band Project. They have gotten quite the hype lately…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson: His Most Epic Performances!

Hey Pals,  I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was about...well 2 years old! I had a leather glove as well as a bedazzled…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 29, 2013
Jamie Lynn Tweets Justin Timberlake About His VMA Performancepic

Jamie Lynn Tweets Justin Timberlake About His VMA Performance

There’s an unwritten rule in The Britney Army that you can’t be a big fan of Britney AND Justin Timberlake, so it’s no surprise to…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Aug 28, 2013

NSYNC's MTV VMA Performance

Reblogged from Sara Scoggs   // I just.... this happened and I will watch this a billion times this week. Thank you MTV and Justin Timberlake.  #musicrules
AEivrynRV Aug 27, 2013 Originally by sarascoggins

My Reaction While Watching *NSync Reunite At The VMAs In GIFs

Reblogged from Brittany Caitlin Announcer announces Justin Timberlake not singing fullly solo and I'm like Justin is performing and I'm like  *NSync appears on my tv first I'm…
AEivrynRV Aug 27, 2013 Originally by brittanycaitlin

Tina's Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Reblogged from Tina I honestly don't think any other award show gets as much buzz than the MTV Video Music Awards. Not even The Grammys. I…
AEivrynRV Aug 27, 2013 Originally by tinabobeena