Thinking Of a 2014 New Yr's Resolution To Lose Weight

As surprising as it sounds, 2013 is currently drawing to a close which signifies the New Year will shortly be up on us. In case…
bailbanjo54 Jan 20, 2014
Godneys First Official 2014 Tweetpic

Godney’s First Official 2014 Tweet

Girl, we’ve missed you! Britney Tweeted followers Monday night asking if they’re sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. "Happy Monday! How’s everyone doing so far on…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 07, 2014


It's the second week of January and much like every other year before, everyone is writing up their New Year's resolutions. "I want to lose…

What Are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?

Holy crap you guys, it's already going to be a brand spankin' new year. 2013 flew by SO FAST. It's kind of insane looking back…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 30, 2013

What are your New Years Resolution!

My New Years resolution this year is to eat out less, in the last year I started eating out WAY more than the year before…
loveasbp Jan 07, 2013

My New Years Resolutions 2013

Reblogged from pishelle Last year I made a post like this, and looking back it really helped.  So I thought I would make another!  Not so…
symbolrecords Jan 04, 2013 Originally by pishelle

My New Years Resolutions 2013

Last year I made a post like this, and looking back it really helped.  So I thought I would make another!  Not so much as…
pishelle Jan 03, 2013
Be More Givingpic

Be More Giving

Whether it's giving money to a good cause or donating your time to help others in need, to be more giving is something we could…
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Patty Jan 02, 2013

BUZZNET Exclusive: Celebs Reveal Their New Year's Resolutions (VIDEO)

There's only a matter of hours until 2012 comes to an end and we embark on 2013.  Each year, many people make resolutions. From vowing…

5 Tips for Keeping Your News Year's Resolutions This Coming Year

It's almost that time of the year again: New Year's! With 2013 just around the corner, many people have a few resolutions they would like…

Be a shade braver

One of my new years resolutions for fashion was to wear more daring lipstick colours, Next on the list is to wear layers instead of…
Amanda Jan 11, 2012
Take a walk every daypic
katzenjammer Jan 10, 2012
Fresh Year, Fresh Startvid

Fresh Year, Fresh Start

So, i've started the year off listening to this pretty much on mind is now blown but i love it haha :-) I do…
Kat Jan 02, 2012

Question of the Day: New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year, Buzznets! How was your new year? Did you do anything snazzy? Today is my last day off and it gives me the…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 02, 2012
Keltie's New Years Resolutionspic

Keltie's New Years Resolutions

Take ballet class every week
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Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Dec 29, 2011