My Favorite Fashionistas of 2014pic

My Favorite Fashionistas of 2014

Nicole Ritchie   love love love this dress 😍👏👏👏
ashleyedgybadass Oct 11, 2014
melodyerin Sep 16, 2014

HIMYM Finale - Rollercoaster of emotions

Well, I know Im very very late with this one but I joined buzznet like two days ago and I'm pretty confident I can write…
scottthompsonc107 Aug 10, 2014
Britney: Happy Mothers Day!pic

Britney: Happy Mother’s Day!

Britney wishes her mama a happy mother’s day …To Britney, your mom and mine… Happy Mother’s Day! Britney tweeted:"To the woman who taught me everything I…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 12, 2014

To all mothers worldwide. Bless you!!

To all Henry Gaye mother fans and all mothers worldwide. We know you are special and without you, all of us would not be here…
Henry Gaye
Henry Gaye May 11, 2014
Happy Mothers day! by Bill Kaulitzpic

Happy Mother’s day! by Bill Kaulitz

Bill posted this lovely photo on Twitter in occasion of Happy Mother’s day! I think he looks so adorable, he's like a little boy with…
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Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 11, 2014

To All Who Are Mothers

To all who are mothers, thank you. Thank you so much for carrying your daughters and sons in your belly for nine months. For going…
malmo777 May 11, 2014

Some Great Recommendations You Can Rely About Abmahnung How I Met You Mother

Kids generally have an ideal obtain internet site exactly where they have the tracks they go on their individual units. If you want to uncover…
ulgarrett15 Apr 28, 2014