Neglected Dog Massachusetts Dies Scorching Heat

In August 2003, Europe experienced accurate documentation heat wave claiming 35,000 lives. France alone lost 14,800 people, mostly older persons due to heat stroke, when…
datejelly Apr 12, 2014
Woodland Hills Alignment Auto Repair Service Modification Rebuildingvid

Woodland Hills Alignment Auto Repair Service Modification & Rebuilding Valley Pacific Frame & Suspension offers a long list of auto repair services from Advance Diagnostics to Engine Replacements. We are very well qualifies…
Valley Pacific
Valley Pacific Mar 01, 2014
Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Adam Levinepic
Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Michael Blackstonepic

Our Last Night Releases Music Video For "Fate"

Hey Music Fans,  You may recognize the band name Our Last Night from well...them being awesome, but also from some past posts I did on them…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jan 23, 2013
Pauly the Unstoppablepic

Pauly the Unstoppable

I seriously adore him *-*

Catch Thirtythree tattoo

Somtime in the future I'm getting this tattoo. But smaller. Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree 
Jerhler Jul 08, 2012

Medusa Piercing?

What do you think? Should I get one?
Jerhler Jun 30, 2012

Dave Hurban - iDermal Wrist Watch!

This is probably one of the coolest thing's i've seen produced from a body piercer!! Dave Hurban from Philly, NJ wanted a simple 'No-strings-attached' wrist watch…
Carly Lancaster
Carly Lancaster May 18, 2012
Unlock Your Wii - No Wii Modchip Needed!vid

Unlock Your Wii - No Wii Modchip Needed! Unlock your Wii and play backed up copies of your Wii Games or watch DVDs on your wii without using a modchip. Learn more here!
rom2374 Nov 06, 2011
Everyone says I have the biggest balls ever...pic

Everyone says I have the biggest balls ever...

It's not THAT bad. Ya'll could do it too if you wanted. But I guess that's the difference between me and everyone else...I actually want…
gogosavvy Jun 10, 2009
Newest Tattoopic

Newest Tattoo

This is the newest tattoo to the collection! Done by Lefio Kimaru (On Facebook) Designed by Ducky Fuzz (On Myspace) xoxo
Effy May 11, 2009

Auto Car Modification

Auto Car Modification - Body kits, there are a very small amount of cars that can get away with a standard body and still turn…
Mirza Rais
Mirza Rais Oct 15, 2008
Moody Blues Timepic

Moody Blues Time

Listened to Moody Blues late one night with my father.
CeCe Nov 26, 2005