Tips For Military Spouse Scholarships And Grants

Getting into college is a good achievement but it is scarcely the time to rest on your honor. It a a time to ramp-up you…
jedemann78 Apr 09, 2014

Getting The Maximum Out Of Joining Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

If you have decided to join the US Military, there are a few things you can do to make the transition simpler.The initial step will…
kulysses9 Apr 06, 2014
Find Your Best Rifle Scopevid

Find Your Best Rifle Scope You can find everything you need to know about the rifle scopes with one simple click. You will find the explanations how specs like magnification…
ryban11 Mar 27, 2014

Prepare For Navy Boot Camp With Plyometric Exercise

Military boot camps are camps where teens are trained by military personnel to tolerate the rigors and discipline of military life. Parents of adolescents who…
rocarmelo44 Nov 13, 2013
Thank You For Your Servicepic

Thank You For Your Service

Today, here in the US, is Veteran's Day! This is a day that we set aside to thank those who are serving, and those who…
CANDLE Nov 11, 2013

SIMULATED IDENTITY “A counterfeit personality”

SIMULATED IDENTITY brings to light people whose personalities are entirely geared to eliciting a maximum level of approval and attention, at whatever the cost. A…
Achim Koerfer
Achim Koerfer Oct 25, 2013