Exclusive: Matty Mullins Of Memphis May Fire Talks Tour, Growing Up & More!

Hey Music Buds,  I recently had the opportunity to interview Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire! He just so happens to be one of the nicest…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Oct 23, 2014

Buzznet Music Coverage - Memphis May Fire / Yellowcard Tour

Can’s stop, won’t stop with tour announcements. Warped Tour ended up only some days ago, but bands are not taking time off. After yesterday’s announcement about…
EdIsAGenius Aug 05, 2014
Memphis May Fire's Dream Tour Lineupvid

Memphis May Fire's Dream Tour Lineup

We just posted a brand new episode of Dream Tour featuring the metalcore band, Memphis May Fire (Rise Records), reveals what bands they would put on…
digitaltourbus Jul 14, 2014


  THESE BOYS ORIGINATED FROM DALLAS —- Memphis May Fire is a metalcore American band which came from Dallas, Texas. They were formed way back in 2004…
punkpedia Jul 01, 2014

Buzznet Exclusive: Interview With Clara Gomes of The Truth Today

The Truth Today are a post-hardcore five-piece from London, Ontario. Coming together in 2012, the group have accomplished a lot, with the release of two…
clarefitz Jun 21, 2014

Yes, Warped does have a woman problem

Last night I found myself reading an article written by Megan Seling on why Vans Warped Tour has a woman problem. I enjoyed it but reading feedback…
maryinjune Jun 17, 2014