Mean Girls

WATCH: Kendall Jenner Calls Out Haters In Mean Girls-Inspired Burn Book

Think twice before you send a mean tweet to Kendall Jenner next time because girls got herself a nice little "burn book". In honor of…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Nov 28, 2014
Mean Girls Cast Reunites For Entertainment Weekly Shootpic

“Mean Girls” Cast Reunites For Entertainment Weekly Shoot

Imagine if they did another movie? 
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Fabulous Late Night Friday (October 3rdd!!!)

If you were any of the characters in the movie "Mean Girls", who would you be?
wickedqueen Oct 03, 2014

It's October 3rd: The Best Mean Girls GIFs

Happy October 3rd! I think we can all agree Mean Girls is the one movie we can watch over and over again. In honor of…