madonna inn

Let Them Eat Cake

I recently stayed at the beautiful Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The Madonna is famous for having unique, colorful, kitcshy rooms that are each a different theme. It’s so much fun to stay in different rooms each night to experience a totally new miniature fantasy land! I stayed for 2 nights this trip, so… More »

Video Diary Episode 7

I fly from NYC back to LA to interview Dolly Parton, hit up the Madonna Inn for my birthday, go vintage shopping and shoot an editorial at a hidden lake!

I Spent My Birthday At The Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn is my favorite hotel ever, hands down!  Last night we made a random decision to drive out to San Luis Obispo and book a room! From the pink floral restaurant, spa treatments, rock hot tub and infinity pool to the over the top customized rooms… this place is like a dream come true…. More »

Take Me to The Madonna Inn

i have always been fascinated with the hotel “the madonna inn”!! from the themed rooms to the beautiful atmosphere, it is definitely topping the chart of my to do list. have you ever been? it looks like a…

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