One Direction concert!

Last night I went to One Direction's concert here in Chile and I have to say it was really awesome. I bought the ticket yesterday…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen May 02, 2014

The Make Believe Release a New Cover of One Direction!

The Make Believe just released their cover of Story Of My Life by One Direction.They did a fenomenal job as always and must I add…
lolselina Nov 24, 2013

Michelle's Movie Corner: 'One Direction: This is Us'

Fresh off from my first week of my last semester in college and watching One Direction: This is Us. My friend and I have been…
pishelle Aug 30, 2013

7 Things We Hope To See In The One Direction Movie

One Direction's new movie One Direction: This Is Us is bound to be an incredible, emotional scream-inducing roller coaster of a film, chock-full of, well…we…
We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered Aug 30, 2013
TRY IT!pic


I love these pictures. Sometimes you end up with the perfect one. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense.. at all! :D Mine is: I showered with…
diyfashionaddictmellie Aug 24, 2013

Shazam It Up With One Direction!

When you're out and about in the world, at the mall, or at the Dairy Queen, what's your reaction when you hear a One…

at first, it was all just a bet to him.

Thats what going around these days right? Bets. Anyone can make a bet on anything. But betting on a girl? Is that the lowest you…
kelseeyryan Aug 20, 2013

GIF Party Friday: One Direction Edition!

A picture's worth a thousand words, but I'd say that a GIF is worth a million. We ask you -- what complex, nuanced emotion can't be summed up in a…
Oh my gosh!pic

Oh my gosh!

Don't get me wrong, i really love my friends! But my friends has given me One Direction fever! Niall has always been cute. But thanks…
diyfashionaddictmellie Aug 13, 2013

Get Behind The Scenes for 1D's "Best Song Ever" And Prove Your Fandom

If you're as big a One Direction fan as we are, then I'm sure you've seen their video for "Best Song Ever", off the soundtrack…

Get Ready For One Direction's Big Screen Debut!

Reblogged from We've Got You Covered The lads from One Direction are making their big screen debut this summer with their documentary One Direction: This Is…
T.M.G Aug 03, 2013 Originally by wevegotyoucovered

Get Ready For One Direction's Big Screen Debut!

The lads from One Direction are making their big screen debut this summer with their documentary One Direction: This Is Us, out in theatres August…

One Direction Ink Obsession

It's no secret that the boys of One Direction love getting tatted up! They are becoming notorious for being inked so often. Check out the…
Maria Cardona ♡
Maria Cardona ♡ May 13, 2013


Aly Silverio rocking a new preview from her Spring line.
15 pics
Kelley Fox
Kelley Fox Apr 03, 2013
Hot or Not? Are you REaDy for Louis?pic

Hot or Not? Are you REaDy for Louis?

If you don't know who Louis Tomlinson is, please get yourself out from the rock you've been living under. Louis is 1/5th of the worlds…
vynnz Apr 01, 2013