LISTEN: Kat Vinter Shares 'Islands' Remix EP

If you're into that whole dark, ethereal synthy vibe, you're going to fall head over heels for Kat Vinter. The singer is releasing a remix…
Tina Jul 09, 2015

LISTEN: "Cruel Love" By Scarlet Baxter

Scarlet Baxter has unleashed her new single, "Cruel Love," and its a banger, for sure. Top 40-worthy in every way, the track invokes a sort…
Tina Jun 30, 2015

LISTEN: Selena Gomez Debuts New Track, "Good For You" feat. A$AP Rocky

Selenators across the map have been anticipating Selena Gomez's next album ever since last fall's greatest hits compilation, For You teased us with a little…
Tina Jun 22, 2015

LISTEN: Brain Tan Covers "Style" by Taylor Swift

Brooklyn's Brain Tan (formerly known as Future Screens) is quite the enigma. However, this cover of Taylor Swift's "Style" truly captures '1989' in a way…
Tina Apr 17, 2015

LISTEN: Olin & The Moon Share New Single, "Solitary Hill"

LA's Olin & The Moon are a breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of some classic west coast Americana, the five-piece formed in 2006 and have…
Tina Mar 25, 2015

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