Give Me - Sonnie original songvid

Give Me - Sonnie (original song)

Ukulele, vocals, and lyrics by Sonnie, song titled "Give Me"
SonnieVindiction Apr 20, 2015


LIGHTS - Cleveland, Ohio - 03/09/15
13 pics
seanoday Mar 22, 2015

Month By Month: A 2014 Reflective Playlist

To say that 2014 was a whirlwind of a year and that I'm really happy that it's coming to an end would be an understatement…
Tina Dec 29, 2014
Seasons Greetingspic

Seasons Greetings

New camera takes good pics in the dark
suzq Dec 27, 2014
Merry Christmaspic

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a WONDERFUL day full of family, food, and prezzies!  I had an AMAZING day that I…
CANDLE Dec 25, 2014
Merry Christmas to you :-pic

Merry Christmas to you :-)

I want you all to have very merry time! I pray for joy for every one of you even if you just have holidays -…
Tommorow Dec 22, 2014

Lights Announces US Tour!

We are SO excitied to tell you guys about this! Our favorite Canadian cutie Lights has announced that she will be going on a US…

Tina's Top 10 Albums of 2014

Whoever said that writing about music shouldn't be personal either had a big bowl of phooey for breakfast or they're just in the wrong profession…
Tina Dec 17, 2014

Comfortable Reading in the Evening With Bedside Wall Lights

Emergency lights are used once the normal power fails or perhaps unavailable.. LEDs run for longer one less power than conventional sources of light such…
doublecourse04 Dec 09, 2014

Understanding LED Reading Lights

Wall lighting is known to add a range of effects beyond simple illumination and in many cases, can increase the safety of dark hallways or…
doublecourse04 Dec 09, 2014
Beau Bokan, Lights and Daughter Rocket Prove To Be The Cutest Family Everpic

Proper Lighting for Reading in Your Bedroom

You can get a reading lamp which has a fluorescent bulb, one that is touch-sensitive, or one that activates and off which has a clap…
teethtrunk8 Dec 06, 2014