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Lifehouse's show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles is sold out -- but we have a pair of tickets that YOU can win!! Lifehouse is…

November's Playlist

Hello! Here i'm with my november's playlist. I hope you guys enjoy it. Create a playlist at
Alinne Celestino
Alinne Celestino Nov 23, 2012
'Halfway Gone' - Lifehousevid

'Halfway Gone' - Lifehouse

December is finally here! Check out my music video of the day :) It also features the amazing Lola Blanc.
dreamer757 Dec 01, 2011

Hanging By A Moment

Hey guys so I know its been over 6 months since i last posted. And im really sorry about that. I got uninspired to write…


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Theory of Flight
Theory of Flight Dec 22, 2010


Nassau Coliseum, Long Island March 26, 2010 © Angela Datre
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angeladatre Dec 11, 2010

Broken by Lifehouse Lyrics

This song describes how I'm feeling right now...   The broken clock is a comfort It helps me sleep tonight Maybe it can stop tomorrow From stealing all my time And…
Lexxi(: Apr 25, 2010
Shout out from Lifehousepic

Shout out from Lifehouse

I love Lifehouse's music and they are seriously such nice guys. I have some things that are in the works, but it is all up in…
Day 32: Lifehouse, First Timepic

Day 32: Lifehouse, First Time

I love cheesy songs, what can I say. Hey...I'm from Wisconsin and we're cheese heads. Hahah, forget that I said that. I'm just a sucker for…

Playlist Week 2

Kinda forgot about it on saturday so its EXTRA special today :) this week is sad songs  :'(     1. Taylor Swift - White Horse. I first…
MichelleOhh Aug 10, 2009
Life House - You and Mevid

Life House - You and Me

love this song
MichelleOhh Aug 01, 2009
Storm by Lifehouse Runescapevid

Storm by Lifehouse (Runescape)

Artist: Lifehouse Song: Storm Theme: Runescape Content made from: Windows Movie Maker Owner: me ( Don't own, Windows Movie Maker Company, Hypercam (2), and other materials. Just the maker…
boomy370 Dec 16, 2008

Lifehouse @ArtistApproach Flickr Youtube
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Artist Approach
Artist Approach Dec 10, 2008
Lifehouse-everything skitvid

Lifehouse-everything skit

Yeah, Im a believer in God and I saw this and every time I watch it, I cry. Watch the whole thing :)
chellchelle Oct 23, 2008