[February 8, 2013] Bill & Tom Kaulitz Spotted In L.A. @ Levi’s 140 Anniversary Party

As usual, our nice paparazzo LiesAngeles, spotted Kaulitz twins tonight out & about in L.A. Obviously they are always so happy and with huge smile on their faces when they are spotted by paparazzi *sarcasm* NO COMMENT! By the way, we can see also in a better way, Tom’s new hair. What do you think?… More »

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Astro Burger With Their Parents

Ok, so I wrote parents because I always considered their stepfather Gordon as a real father for them. He always has been beside them and it’s thanks to him if they are pro musicians. Tonight, LiesAngeles, usual stupid paparazzo, spotted casually (as he said -.-) Kaulitz twins at 2:30 am in the morning inside Astro… More »

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