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The Most Dysfunctional Relationships In Music History

Everyone loves a good Hollywood romance full of drama and passion, but there are some that are so toxic you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when the relationship ends. Click in to the gallery above for the most dysfunctional relationships to ever exist in music history and be glad you aren’t one… More »

The Best Nirvana Tattoos!

I am a huge fan of Nirvana and always will be. They are such a legendary band and really inspired most of your favorite bands and artists you listen to today. I am such a big fan that I got a Kurt Cobain portrait right on the center of my chest, that’s commitment right? So… More »

10 Legendary Concerts I Wish I Could’ve Attended

I’m a huge classic rock fan and there are concerts I would have loved to attend ,but I couldn’t have for two reasons. 1) I wasn’t even born yet or 2) I probablly wasn’t old enough. It kills me to know that I will never be able to see most of these bands live since… More »

Get Your Grunge On: How To Style The Trends You’ll Be Wearing This Season

Grunge. Our parents probably aren’t that excited about this trend’s revival. But the resurence of this ’90s trend has unapologetically returned. But the goal isn’t to dress in a Kurt Cobain costume. It’s all about taking trendy pieces and making them modern and fresh. Three of the trendiest looks for fall are Doc Martens (a… More »

UPDATED: Frances Bean Cobain Rips Kendall Jenner A New One Over Tweet

Apparently Frances Bean Cobain is as tough as she looks. The 20 year-old daughter of rock legends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is all up in…

All Star Band: Hole

This April on Buzznet is All Star Month, where people post about their favorite bands, actors, tv shows, movies, etc. For this All Star…

Who Is Frances Bean Cobain’s Fiance?

19 year old Frances Bean Cobain announced her engagement to 26 year old Isaiah Silva last October. The daughter of rock legend Kurt Cobain mostly keeps her relationship on the down low, but…

Courtney Love Rants and Storms Off Stage in Brazil

During a show in Brazil, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love noticed someone in the audience holding up a picture of Kurt Cobain. And guess what her response was (here, we’ll even make it multiple choice): a) to freak out at the person holding the picture b) to proceed to rant onstage about Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave… More »

Frances Bean Cobain is Engaged Y’all!

How quickly they grow up. Courtney Lovechild Frances Bean Cobain is getting ready to tie the knot with Rambles front man Isaiah Silva, <a…

Style Icon: Kurt Cobain

today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” so i wanted to celebrate on of my biggest style icons, kurt cobain. a true legend and musical genius, he also wore whatever he wanted (including dresses) and looked amazing all the time. are you inspired by grunge fashion? xoxoxo

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