The only way I could manage a photo of our cats, was to catch them in my bathroom!  It has the best lighting and also…
CANDLE Dec 03, 2014

Entertaining Pets Clips That Will Make Your Day And Bring You Much Needed Enjoyment!

insane] kitties fight for our undivided love and affection! Don't even think about loving another animal because these cute kitties are sure to make you…
pailjorge Oct 29, 2014
The boy who lived - little Chestnutpic

The boy who lived - little Chestnut

nbsp;I went to my grandma a couple of times this summer. In the beginning of July she told me one of her cats looks like…
almondalley Sep 19, 2014
Puppy Benchpic

Puppy Bench

I know I said that I would post my flying blog tonight, but I got home much too late!  So, this is the bench that…
CANDLE Sep 18, 2014
melodyerin Sep 16, 2014

Bands To Buzz About Summer '14 Round Up

Fall is approaching, slowly but surely. There's a ton of new music coming your way, so stay tuned and keep on rockin'! Here's what you might…
Tina Sep 15, 2014

Band To Buzz About Summer '14: Kitten

LA's indie/pop band Kitten have garnered a cult following within the past five years. Fronted by 19 year-old powerhouse Chloe Chaidez, the band has opened…
Tina Aug 18, 2014