Pretty kittypic

Pretty kitty

We have some very cute kittens appearing now - this one is in the same litter as the little black and white kitten I posted…
annier Jun 29, 2014
Cute kittypic

Cute kitty

This little kitty is one of the first to come and join the big cats when I feed them twice a day . He/she is…
annier Jun 24, 2014
Sitting 1992pic

Sitting 1992

Oakland CA
angrylambie Apr 15, 2014
Smoochie's Clubhousepic

Smoochie's Clubhouse

This silly little girl kitty has now taken to lounging around in my laundry basket!  I had just done my laundry, so there isn't much…
CANDLE Apr 14, 2014
22 Babies And Pets Being Adorablepic
22 Babies And Pets Being Adorablepic
The Smoochiepic

The Smoochie

Our little addition has taken to sitting on the same pillow that my head is on!  She makes for a very cute hat!  It took…
CANDLE Mar 18, 2014
L'il Smoochiepic

L'il Smoochie

She is growing quickly now that she is feeling better!  It is funny because Robyn is refusing to eat her food in favor of the…
CANDLE Mar 10, 2014
Kill that stone!pic

Kill that stone!

Its pouring with rain again today so I haven't taken any photos  but I was looking through old ones on my laptop and found this…
annier Feb 19, 2014
Smoochie Gets A Bathpic

Smoochie Gets A Bath

She is SO tiny, but she looks even smaller when all of her fur is wet!  I had a very good, very restful weekend!  I…
CANDLE Feb 16, 2014
Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiserpic

Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiser

Yesterday, Kay rescued the most adorable little kitten!  She has wanted a kitten for a long time!  Back when she was a young girl she…
CANDLE Feb 13, 2014
Selfie Sunday :- 020114pic

Selfie Sunday :- 02/01/14

Okay so I honestly wasn't planning on taking kitty selfies two weekends in a row but these things just happen I guess! This was a…
littlebocreep Feb 02, 2014