Airport Day

Hi there Buzznet fam!  I warned you that I would be posting photo blogs!  Today Andy and I took Kay to the airport in Traverse…
CANDLE Jun 19, 2014
Happy Mother's Daypic

Happy Mother's Day

Here in the ole US, today was Mother's Day and I got to celebrate it with my mom and my daughter!  My mom made us…
CANDLE May 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Trevorpic

Happy Birthday Trevor

We took this when we dropped him back off at his home!  We had a wonderful lunch to celebrate Trevor's birthday!  We went to Applebee's! …
CANDLE Apr 10, 2014
Gurl's Night Outpic

Gurl's Night Out

After I picked Kay up from work tonight, we headed down to Alanson so we could dine at Subway!  The girl who made our sandwiches…
CANDLE Mar 31, 2014
Pastel Skypic

Pastel Sky

I only have one lens for my camera, so I can't take beautiful close ups of the moon like most of you do!  However, I…
CANDLE Mar 17, 2014
Precious In Plaidpic

Precious In Plaid

I took this shot of Kay while were at the Chinese restaurant in Cheboygan on Thursday while we were waiting for my dad to get…
CANDLE Mar 09, 2014
Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiserpic

Announcing Smoochella Grace Keiser

Yesterday, Kay rescued the most adorable little kitten!  She has wanted a kitten for a long time!  Back when she was a young girl she…
CANDLE Feb 13, 2014

The Reasons

I can't post, like many other people and have the photo show up!  So, I am giving a blog a try!  Here is what I…
CANDLE Feb 09, 2014