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AlexBenz 21 hrs ago
Katy Perrys Shows How We Need To Do It.vid

Katy Perrys Shows How We Need To Do It.

Katy Perry just released a lyric video from her album Prism called "This Is How We Do" Is this her latest single? I'm not a huge fan…
reallygreg Jul 24, 2014

HOT or NOT? Katy Perry Is Extra 90s Grunge In Sheer Green Dress

Katy Perry stepped out in Canada this weekend showing off her rocker side we first fell in love with.   Rocking a sheer green dress to match…

Top Songs Of 2014 So Far

2014 is half way over. So we have some major songs that already topped the charts for and some that just hit charts this summer…
reallygreg Jul 16, 2014
27 Stunning Shades Of Blue Hairpic

What Tour Are You Looking Forward To?

Every summer there is always MAJOR tours happening. And this year it is packed with big names touring the country and even the world. What…
reallygreg Jun 28, 2014

Bleached Eyebrows In A Colorful Selfie? Is This The New Katy Perry?

What happened to Katy Perry? Although, we're used to seeing the famed, pop diva wearing different shades of many colors in her hair, we definitely weren't…
Janae Manigault
Janae Manigault Jun 19, 2014
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Kaley Cuoco

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reallygreg Jun 06, 2014

What Will Be The 2014 Summer Song?

Every year we have a song the defines the summer. Last year was Blurred Lines. Now what is it going to be for this summer…
reallygreg Jun 04, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Restless Road...the country trio that is about to take your radio by storm!!!

nbsp;     Hello people of the internet!!! On today's 'Monday Memos' we are going to discuss a trio that is quickly making their way to becoming…
celindareyes Jun 04, 2014
Katy Perry is Cosmopolitan's First Ever International Cover Girlpic

Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves Are a Match Made in Heaven

Move over, Taylor Swift. America has a new country-singing sweetheart, and her name is Kacey Musgraves. Musgraves is collaborating with Katy Perry for an upcoming…
Camryn Maxine
Camryn Maxine May 23, 2014

The Best June 2014 Fashion Magazine Covers: What's Your Favorite?

Top celebrities are covering June fashion magazines this year. The covers are obviously flawless, and the interviews claim to be "shocking."  Angelina Jolie covers the June…

Weekly Inspirations: Summer Hair

So many celebrities have been doing awesome things with their hair lately. From Kelly Osbourne's short new 'do to Debby Ryan's blonde tresses, there have…
itsallisonbtch May 14, 2014

Did Lady Gaga Throw Shade At Katy Perry?

Reblogged from Callina Marie Ew. Lady Gaga may have thrown some shade at Katy Perry and her Prismatic Tour via Twitter last night. Gaga tweeted:   Katy’s tour…
balalironit May 13, 2014 Originally by callinamarie