Happy 16th Birthday To Acacia Brinley

About a month ago I went to see Buzznet favorites The Summer Set play a show at Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles. While I was there I met Acacia Brinley, a very sweet, fun loving girl who came to support the music she loves and dance around with her friends. Acacia is an… More »

If I Could Write A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

I’ve been thinking a lot about the young lady I’ve become and am growing into. Every day I wake up and am so grateful for the fun and fulfilling life I’ve been leading and how…

Splurge Or Save: Army Jackets With Sayings

Military inspired army green jackets are a must have for this fall/ winter season. We’ve been seeing them inside our favorite clothing stores, online shops and celebrities, bloggers, musicians every where. Miss Jac Vanek

Honest Talk: Why Is Everyone So Selfish?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while as I’ve personally been dealing with a lot of people in my life acting selfish. So this is my rant, opinion, suggestions on it. The…

Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To Color Ombres

Over the years I’ve only lightly dabbled in different hair colors. When I moved to LA at 19 I was broke and couldn’t afford to keep highlighting my hair blonde so my friend dyed my hair red brown. I had that hair color for a few months and then I realized that color wasn’t really… More »

Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue 10 Year Anniversary Tour Hollywood

Last night I got to attend one of the top 10 shows I’ve ever been to in my entire life. Hands down. I’ve gone to about at least a show a week during the past…

Cheer Up Clothing Owner Matt Barnes Talks Fall 2013 Line

Ever since I found out You Me At Six Bassist Matt Barnes has his own clothing line Cheer Up, I’ve been obsessed with the flannels and other products the line currently offers…

The Blogspiration Project Featuring Me

Hey Buzznet! I was recently asked to be featured on Kara Gibbons blog for a segment she calls The Blogspiration. I feel so honored and blessed to be…

Fall In Love With Forever 21’s Bats & Cats Collection

Forever 21 continues to impress me with their variety of cool, chic, fashionable, in style clothing at a reasonable price. I’m one of those people who are opsessed with finding deals in the fashion world, so I’m subscribed to F21’s email list and get their daily dose of new arrivals emails as well as blasts… More »

Fall In Love With Dear Boy

About a year ago, I got together for dinner with one of my closest friends Austin Hayman to catch up on what’s next in our…

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