Justin Bieber Shares Details Of His Relationship With Selena Gomez

For all the drama that surrounded Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez when they were together, something was very evident: the pair were far too wrapped up in each other to carry on…

#MyCalvins Has Stripped Down To Bare It All

As I am sure you saw yesterday, Justin Bieber is now a part of the Calvin Klein family. Whether or not you love that idea, this Calvin campaign has gone on for years and has always stuck with the same vibe which I find powerful. They have managed to uphold that same natural, innocent feel… More »

HOT or NOT? Justin Bieber Bleaches Hair Platinum Blonde

Oh boy! Looks like Justin Bieber has some platinum blonde hair now! 

He was spotted leaving a salon the other day with this new hair do and the cameras caught him just before almost making a…

Selena Gomez ‘For You’ Compilation Details

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I learned that Selena Gomez was releasing a compilation album. The singer had been teasing us with very cryptic messages and photos on her social media…

WATCH: Selena Gomez Releases Heartbreaking Music Video About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is finally putting out new music and is 1000000% putting it all out there. She released a new video for “The Heart Wants What It Wants” today, the song has a deep message…

UPDATE: Bieber Throws Some Shade Back At Bloom

Update: 7/30 3PM PST

Looks like Bieber has declared war against Bloom, posting this pic to his Instagram.

Yes, that is Orlando Bloom shedding…

Sundays Best:

I decided hey why not start a Sunday Funday series called “Sundays Best” that I will post every Sunday featuring the best of….whatever we all decide. I want to leave it up to you all to help me pick the theme for the posts so be sure to comment below with your ideas! This week’s… More »

Luke Broadlick x Killer Youth: Be YOU Not Them!

I recently got a cool opportunity to work with Killer Youth! They are a rad site that showcases everyday youth and shares their story to help inspire others to go after what they…

Flashback Friday: The 2014 Billboard Awards Performance With Jason Derulo!

Now this past weekend was amazing. My 3rd time I believe doing The Billboard Awards and I love it every time. Actually got to see a bunch of friends while out there and of course got to be a part of an epic experience. During our performance we had a legend & future legend rappers… More »

Luke Broadlick Pops In Jason Derulo’s Video For “Wiggle”

Been getting the privilege to work and hang with at this time the hottest records out. Glad I got to turn up with the new family Jason…

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