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Christian Journals - Deepen your relationship with God through journaling. With inspiration on every page, these beautiful journals gives ample space for writing thoughts, prayers, and…
dayspng Jun 25, 2014
Quotes Every Girl Should Live Bypic

Quotes Every Girl Should Live By

This is my favourite quote.
KrisEvilCupcake Nov 18, 2012 Originally by gabbiebrown
Quotes Every Girl Should Live Bypic
Quotes Every Girl Should Live Bypic

Photo Journal: Melted Crayons Art.

I finally got this journal up! :) Enjoy some pictures of the crayons: before & after! I'll post the video if I have time. I have…


Reblogged from kikikannibal I think we should take all the animal researchers that poke, prode, and experiment on animals and round them up on a huge…
Shelby Rose
Shelby Rose Apr 07, 2011

Time for a Get Away

So close to spring break! Need some time away from school.
Cupcakes&Glitter Mar 29, 2011

Brand New Stuff on My Etsy!

So, for awhile, I've been trying to come up with something to do with my photography other than just put it up online.  In the…
Ashly Jan 14, 2011

One Year Has Passed...

since I last got kicked off of this site for "unprofessional behavior" or some sort. I didn't make a new account. This is an old…
codeaires Aug 04, 2010

Join my website Journalz Live!! :)

Journalz Live...     If You guys Love to wright then You shoul check out my website :) Its an amazing way to interact with your…
Misty"MistaZ"Mount May 10, 2010

Beauty Related Videos && Journals

Hi Everyone, I'm Maria and I've been using buzznet since I was in 7th Grade and now I'm a Junior in Highschool but I make Beauty Video's…
mariamaelynn Mar 31, 2010

alot of journals

i know i do a hell of alot of journals in a day guys. its because i dont always have access to internet so i…
Strawberry Anarchy
Strawberry Anarchy Mar 31, 2010

Catty? me? ...noooo...yahhhhhhh

So this chick messaged me and was like, "hey im just looking for friends whats up?" and im like, "Hey not much just waiting for the…
Tru Hybrid Lette
Tru Hybrid Lette Mar 26, 2010

Fears turn to Rewards....

Everyone knows that with age you mature as you learn more about shit and i can honestly say from when i first got on buzznet…
Tru Hybrid Lette
Tru Hybrid Lette Mar 25, 2010

r(love)ution. seven.

r[evol]ution. chapter seven. [I've drowned out all my sense with, the sound of this beating.] Hayley's POV. I woke up. I let out a loud groan before sitting…