Youtube Evolution Of: Paramore

Happy FRIDAY! To bring everyone’s spirits up I am going to cause a RIOT!!

By that I mean the Youtube Evolution for today will be on one of my favorite bands, PARAMORE 🙂

Family Portraits

Incite My Riots Chapter 5

“You guys are late for soundcheck! Hayley, I know you’re usually fifteen minutes late or whatever, but 45 minutes? Josh, you should know better, you’re always on time! You’re supposed to keep…

Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ Certified GOLD In The US

Congrats to Paramore who have announced their latest single, “Still Into You” has gone gold in the US! So what does that mean exactly? Well this means the song has shipped 500,000 copies…

Breaking News: A Paramore Baby Is On The Way!

This is SO exciting! Jeremy Davis, bassist for our fave band, Paramore told the world via Twitter today that he and his wife, Kat, are expecting a baby girl! 

Since he exceeded…

Paramore Share Self-Titled Session ONE

Paramores Self-Titled Tour is going be AMAZING! To get…

WE LOVE MERCH: 47 Awesome Paramore T-Shirts

I love collecting and looking back at band t-shirts. I have way too many. It’s always fun to see how lyrics inspire t-shirt design and Paramore is the perfect band to use as an example. Here’s some old shirts and some more recent shirts to see how their look has changed over the years. And… More »

Paramore Promote New System To Protect YOU

For Paramore‘s new Self-Titled Tour, the band has implemented a new system to help protect their fans from being taken advantage of. The new ticketing system basically makes it impossible for…

Paramore Announce Fall ‘The Self-Titled Tour’

So, how can anymore make my Monday morning better? BY ANNOUNCING A NEW PARAMORE TOUR! Eeeep!

Paramore will embark on the “Self-Titled Tour” this fall hitting…

Song Of The Day: “Looking Up” by Paramore

“Things are looking up, oh finally.”

I was walking home this afternoon and this song just randomly popped into my head. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a whole lot better than I’ve been feeling…

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