My New Year's Resolutions...Cheers to 2013!

I really can't believe that it's the last day of the year. Looking back, I've had an amazing year and made so many new memories…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Dec 31, 2012
Ozzy Monroe by Ashley Nicolepic

Ozzy Monroe by Ashley Nicole

I haven't been on buzznet it almost a year! Time flies. Anyways, check out the new items for my friends clothing line Ozzy Monroe. She…
ilyjennylynn Jul 26, 2011
busy beepic

busy bee

is what you can call me. I dont even have time to breath these days it seems. Anyone going to warped tour the 11th? If…
ilyjennylynn Aug 09, 2010
mirror picpic

mirror pic

so bored at LAX right night waiting for my plane to board. I hope I can fall asleep on the whole flight. I have been…
ilyjennylynn Jul 16, 2010

Updates: LA trip July 21st-25th/Summer Projects

So i've been super stressed trying to work/finish projects before i head to LA next week! With my friends wedding, bachlorette party, birthdays, etc all…
tragicglamour Jul 13, 2010
lays and beerpic

lays and beer

sums up my 4th of July. I don't even like sour cream and onion chips or beer. How did this happen to me?? How was your…
ilyjennylynn Jul 06, 2010
4th of Julypic

4th of July

was pretty interesting this year. Went to Newport Beach. I always thought that was party town and had the best fireworks. Well I missed the…
ilyjennylynn Jul 05, 2010
buff krewpic

buff krew

LOL or not
ilyjennylynn Jun 30, 2010


This weekend we played beer pong, correction THEY played beer pong, I played wine pong. I think I had a little too much wine though…
ilyjennylynn Jun 27, 2010
not to impressedpic

not to impressed

with the out come of this shoot but it's aight LOL. We were supposed to shoot at one location and then we go lost a…
ilyjennylynn Jun 24, 2010

I love knock offs

I have been in love with the shoes in these pictures (I originally saw the one on the right of Lindsey Lohan).  I have looked…
ilyjennylynn Jun 20, 2010
Me and Lia before the showpic


so stoked! I will have a picture later of my new bracelet =]
ilyjennylynn Jun 13, 2010


a very interesting night. Oh how I love dive bars...not.
ilyjennylynn Jun 12, 2010
big hairvid

big hair

OMG I crack myself up LOL follow meeeee @iheartjennylynn
ilyjennylynn Jun 11, 2010