Out of jealousy, i have learned

For a very long time, i have let jealousy rule my life. it has taken over my thoughts, the way i think and has caused…
georgiajinxx Oct 06, 2013

Hey Jealousy

Don't you love when people say "I'm never jealous!"?... I call bullshit! We've all been there... the jealousy monster rears its ugly head at least…
Lisa Ruocco
Lisa Ruocco Oct 02, 2013

Heartblog: How Do You Deal With Jealousy?

Jealousy.     Well, The Killers sang about way back when, and I didn’t really understand it. I’ve never been a jealous person. when I was a dancer…

EW WHY? Emma Stone Is Ruining My Life And Other Celeb Jealousies

This week's EW WHY is inspired completely by my jealousy for those who have what I do not. Join me as we commit the sin…
I want Adam Lambert's hair!!vid

I want Adam Lambert's hair!!

Adam Lambert has just released the video for his new single Never Close Our Eyes. Firstly, I love the song and the video is great…

In The Name Of Jealousy

Hey girls! I know one point in our lives we have wanted to make a guy jealous. But today i actually experienced it! For 3…
Haley Mechelle
Haley Mechelle Jan 26, 2012
Jealousy, the ugliest trait of them all!vid

Jealousy, the ugliest trait of them all!

The ugliest trait of all..jealousy! It's everywhere and anywhere, so be aware! When people are making fun of you or talking about you it's obvious…
Sam Riley XoXo
Sam Riley XoXo Oct 04, 2011

So, Whats the deal?.. Jealousy of the ex girlfriend..

Am i insane? Or is jealousy of the ex just about the suckiest feeling. Can't do anything about it.. Cant talk to my own boyfriend…
missheat09 Feb 11, 2011

Fuel to the Fire (Oneshot) PREVIEW

So here is a preview of my upcoming oneshot with John O' and Hayley. I've never paired the two together so lets see what happens…
Paija Sep 30, 2010

oh so childish;

What happened to the days where nothing mattered? Stupid question really. Those days been and gone baby. I'm sick of you. Sometimes I think you're just…
bee.rex Jun 07, 2010

I Know Just What it Takes to Pull a Man's Soul Back From Heaven's Gates

Wowww its definitely been awhile!I really need to stop with this barely-ever-writing thing. I've just been busy lately!My classes this semester actually have a larger workload…
lvcylobotomy Mar 27, 2010

Noel chapter 23

Me and Alex went to the store to get shampoo and some things thast we needed on the bus. It felt weird being back home in…
Hey Jealousyvid

Hey Jealousy

Music video for "Hey Jealousy"
Gin Blossoms
Gin Blossoms Dec 19, 2009
I Can Feel The Pressurepic

I Can Feel The Pressure

lmao, i love confusing my dog... he thought that stuffed one was real for a second and got all jealous... then he took it, started…
Jazz Oct 11, 2009

I am looooving...

having Soph with me at work everyday. We were discussing what annoys us and it's when people are like "oh well blah blah is hating on…
Kimba Savage
Kimba Savage Sep 29, 2009