Will Beyoncé divorce Jay Z after the ‘On The Run’ tour ends?

Rumblings of marriage troubles between Jay Z and Beyoncé have been circulating throughout the rumor mill ever since Bey’s sister, Solange, attacked Jay in their…
Denzel Hurd
Denzel Hurd Jul 22, 2014

Say Whaaaat? Misheard Song Lyrics

We've all done it before. Now, it's a lot more fun to admit it! Misheard lyrics are becoming all the rage lately, especially on Vine…
Tina Jul 16, 2014

Queen Bey Tops Forbes' Celeb 100 List At #1!

It shoud be no surprise that Beyonce, the award-winning, multi-talented songstress and diva, has earned another top spot but this time on the Forbes' Celeb…

What Tour Are You Looking Forward To?

Every summer there is always MAJOR tours happening. And this year it is packed with big names touring the country and even the world. What…
reallygreg Jun 28, 2014
Amber Heardpic

Amber Heard

7 pics
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Jun 17, 2014

Monday Memos: 2014 CMT Recap Part 1

nbsp;      Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘Monday Memos’ we are going to discuss one of the most important nights in Country music…the CMT…
celindareyes Jun 09, 2014

Date-Night! Beyonce & Jay-Z in New York!

The couple: Beyonce showed off her amazing legs in a pink mini dress while out with Jay-Z in New York on Wednesday      
HollywoodBuzz Jun 06, 2014
Beyonc Ditches Braidspic
Denzel Hurd
Denzel Hurd Jun 05, 2014
Love and HipHopvid

Love and HipHop

IDK what happened we were fine but I sensed a little tension.  I heard Jigga say something...not sure what it was.  Solange just kinda snapped…
jon0h May 12, 2014

Your Pick: 2014 Met Gala's Hottest Couples

There were so many stunning dresses on the red carpet last night! While fashion was in the spotlight so was love! These hot couples are…

Jay Z & Beyoncé Knowles > The On Run Tour

The On Run Tour The first informations about the joint tour between Jay Z and Beyoncé  are in circulation. During the north american summer, the couple will make a series…
Jailton Pietro
Jailton Pietro Apr 27, 2014

Beyonce & Jay Z Planning the 'Mr. & Mrs. Carter' Tour?

The power couple is definitely up to something and we're curious to find out exactly what it is. We wonder if Blue Ivy will be the opening…

Hip Hop and Coachella

Coachella weekend 1 just ended, and from what was shared it looks (Speechless)   Shid makes me feel there....Anyways I felt all inquisitive this morning and wanted…
jon0h Apr 14, 2014
Jay Z and Rick Ross music video with Stephen Stapinskivid

Jay Z and Rick Ross music video with Stephen Stapinski

Actor of New York who is known as Stephen Stapinski (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1100320) was then casted by the popular as well as famous director, Ashley Smith for…
David Chaitoff
David Chaitoff Apr 06, 2014