Taylor Swift Introduces Harry Styles To Her BFF Emma Stone!

It's a big move for someone to introduce the person they're dating to their friends, especially their nearest and dearest! It looks like Taylor Swift…
Patty Dec 07, 2012

I guess that It's time that I introduce myself to the people of this site.

There’s really not so muchh to say. I come from a strict house hold. Sometimes I feel tied down because of my strict parents but…
angeljoyabejar Sep 17, 2012
In the eyes of my sister..pic

In the eyes of my sister..

For the first time, I  introduce my sister, Stéphanie. I introduce her eyes. She has beautiful blue eyes and I'm jealous of them XD. She…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Mar 13, 2012


So, okay! im a newbie here. haha i just made buzznet yeah. Been tracking this site for about a month and i think i should…
hellyeahmeirania Feb 20, 2011

I have to introduce myself a little bit. Don't like that.

who am i really ? i am called kiley, nicknamed kiki i am a motherfucking princess i am pure vodka i am the most powerful heroin…
kileytaylor May 26, 2008