Youtube Evolution Of: The Ready Set

HAPPPY FRIDAYY! Starting way back around 2009 a lovely group called The Ready Set was signed to the label owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out…

WIN: A Copy of Keltie Knight's New Book!

I'm so happy that my new book, written with Christipher Gutierrez is available now! It's called "The Imperfections of James and Kate" and it's an…

Heartblog: The Blood Moon & Looking Up

Fact: I usually only get about 5 hours of sleep a night. Last night though, I made Swoon set his alarm so we could go…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Apr 15, 2014

Heartblog: Cruelty Free + Living with Intention

nbsp; I’ve been thinking a ton about the word “intention.” I wake up really early each day, and my intention is always to live a good…


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georgiajinxx Apr 09, 2014
18 of the best Unicorn Things!pic
Kids Choice Awards with Tyler Oakleypic
Keltie Knight at the Divergent Premiere!pic

Keltie Knight at the Divergent Premiere!

with the beautiful and kind Kate Winslet
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Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Mar 24, 2014

VOTE: What Spring Trend Are You Excited For?

We want to know which spring trend has you excited for the new season! VOTE NOW!

Heartblog: The Cool Kids

Needs to be said: young girls. I see you watching the cool kids. you know the ones with the cute clothes that their rich daddies…

Keltie Knight Closet Tour!

So you wanna see my shoe collection? Or hear the story of my "breakup chanel?" Well, I gotcha. My new friend Fiona, from Fiona TV…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Mar 14, 2014

Heartblog: Do You Like Yourself?

I've been expirencing a super weird week, and this super odd feeling and hyper self-awareness that comes with being on television. It's really hard to talk…
Keltie Knight At the Oscars!pic

Love and Other Stuff

nbsp;   This morning I was interviewing Chris Harrison about love. Seems this guy would know the most about love...20 seasons of The Bachelor would make you…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Feb 19, 2014

Style Inspiration: Kiki Kannibal

Reblogged from sarahwilloughby Its safe to say that Kiki Kannibal is the Queen of Reinvention. Since becoming popular on Myspace with her version of Scene with those…
kevinterribly Feb 14, 2014 Originally by sarahwilloughby