Wake Your Skin Up: DIY Coffee Face Mask

Sometimes our skin just needs a little boost! This coffee face mask will wake your skin right up. It is super easy to make and smells yummy yummy. I found this recipe on this 

A Buzznet How To: Concert Photography

It has recently come to my attenshun that I like conseerts. I hope you all are ready because it’s time to

Actually, it’s not, but still – I LOVE

How To: Ashlee Holmes Ripped Tee

One of my favorite things to do is tweak my clothing. I always try to find ways to make things different. Whenever I get bored with my wardrobe I look for tees that I haven’t worn in a while and I cut them up or rip them to make a completely different style shirt. Sometimes… More »

13 Tribal Print Tops To Vibe Out In

Tribal, Aztec, or Ethnic, whatever you call it, these prints are pretty vibin’. Vibrant and elegant, tribal prints are basically THE thing to wear for attention-grabbing-festivities. Although you’ll need to wait another year for Bamboozle, I’m pretty sure you can find some rockin’ festivities to wear these colourful garments to. So, how can you pull… More »

Clipless Curling Iron Curls Tutorial

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How to Wear Collared Shirts//Layering

Hey Loves! Layering is super cute and keeps you fashionably warm in the fall/winter! This is a video explaining how you can wear collared shirts with simples tee’s, sweaters, pull overs, and even how guys can wear them! I love layering because you can create a whole new look just by adding a collar underneath… More »

Samii Ryan Tutorial: How YOU Can Wear Hats

Hey Guys! This is a small video on how many ways you can wear hats. I have a TON of hats, they are such a great accessory to tie together any outfit. Most of them are from H&M, you can get great beanies on Ebay or Target. Also turbans you can get on Ebay! Don’t… More »

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