Video Shout-out from Honor Society Brendavid

Video Shout-out from Honor Society (Brenda)

Video shout-out from Andrew, Alexander & Michael to MEEEEEEE!!! lol or how I call them Andy, Alex & Mike but also known as Honor Society. Not…
BrendaTapia Feb 25, 2014

The Last Chapter Of Honor Society @ The Roxy

It only seemed fitting that I travel to the magical city of L.A to close a big chapter in not only my life but also…
gabbiebrown Oct 06, 2013

Honor Society: "The Finale" at the Roxy

Last night, the wonderful band from NYC, known as Honor Society, played their final show at the Roxy Theatre. For those of you who haven't…
ktchristine Oct 05, 2013

Honor Society: The Grand Finale

Honor Society. A band that has changed the lives of many through their music and always gave it their all. They've been together since 2007…
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Swagger For Dummies

Lately I've been noticing how confused some people get when it comes to the term "swag." I'm not a big fan of the term myself…
Tina Aug 08, 2013

Overnight Success: Honor Society Teams Up With Kickstarter Once Again To Rock Your Socks Off

If you haven't heard of my good friends in Honor Society, then clearly you've been missing out. These three east coast boys...well I guess they'd…
danielleyoung Apr 23, 2013


Long live the pink fluff.
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Tina Apr 19, 2013
All-Star Musicians: Drummerspic

All-Star Musicians: Drummers

Alexander Noyes - Honor Society
Tina Apr 03, 2013

All Star Month - My STARS

This month is All Star Month here on Buzznet. When would be better time to share my stars if not this month. I could probably…
Honor Society: Hitting The Road Back Into The Swing Of Things!pic

Honor Society: Hitting The Road & Back Into The Swing Of Things!

Do you remember the days of doing the "Honor Roll"? Well, those days are back! Honor Society has come back better than ever with their…
nicoledabrowski Mar 30, 2013


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Dooders Mar 25, 2013

Jawbreaking Clothing: Aly Silverio's Dream Coming True.

nbsp;       Have you ever wanted to make one of your dreams, when you were 15 years old, to come true? Aly Silverio did…
nicoledabrowski Mar 21, 2013

Get To Know: Smoke Season

Emerging Talent Month is officially underway! This month, we here at Buzznet are committed to bringing you the best in new music, fashion, pop culture…
Tina Mar 13, 2013
February Photo Challenge Week 3: Something I'm listening topic

February Photo Challenge Week 3: Something I'm listening to

This will probably be my favorite week assignment. I love music and as I do a lot of commuting every day, it keeps me going…