Are Hair Vitamins Really a Good Way to Repair Hair?

{When you are|When you're|If you end up|If you find yourself|When you find yourself} {looking for|in search of|on the lookout for|searching for} {ways|methods} {to maintain|to take…
cast81witch Aug 09, 2014

Get Ready With Me - Family Dinner

Youtube: Follow me on Instagram: @alexapallagi  Follow me on Twitter: @alexapallagi  Hello Beautiful Buzzneters! I went to a restaurant with my family the other day, because my grandma…

Hello January: Inspiration 04/01/2014

Hey Buzznet! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2014 so it's time to get inspired!  This January I'm inspired by healthy living, clean eating, skater style, spiritual street art, vintage…
Leone Paige Bellamy
Leone Paige Bellamy Jan 04, 2014

I'M BACK | Update Blog

nbsp;  CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: THE BEATLES - HERE COMES THE SUN // TUES 26TH NOV 2013. HELLO ALL!  Firstly, just let me say i'm incredibly sorry for my insane…
Carly Lancaster
Carly Lancaster Nov 25, 2013

Anna Rose Unicorn Braid Tutorial (VIDEO)

Reblogged from askannarose If you are wondering what a "Unicorn Braid" is, this is a super easy fun braid for a lazy day. I love this…
taryncruz Apr 07, 2013 Originally by askannarose
Messy Bun Tutorialvid

Messy Bun Tutorial

Hey everyone! Here is a litte tutorial on how I wear my hair. I'm going to start making more videos as please let me know…
licari Dec 14, 2012

BUZZNET Exclusive: "The Lucky Ones" Hair Tutorial (VIDEO)

Wanna know how to get your hair to look like mine on all #theluckyones photos? Here's a simple tutorial<3 I.L.U. Would YOU do your hair just…

Anna Rose Unicorn Braid Tutorial (VIDEO)

If you are wondering what a "Unicorn Braid" is, this is a super easy fun braid for a lazy day. I love this look when…
askannarose Oct 18, 2012
Bohemian Hair Stylespic

Samii Ryan Talks Tape Extensions

Hey Loves! My sister and I decided to put in these awesome extensions in my hair, called "tape extensions." I first heard of them when I…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Apr 09, 2012

Clipless Curling Iron Curls Tutorial

Hey Beauties! This is a tutorial on how you can use a clipless curling iron. The wand I am using is from Enzo Milano & it…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Mar 21, 2012

Samii Ryan On Hair Extensions

Hey Lovies! I have been asked countless times 100 questions about my hair and what kind of extensions I have. I decided to make thi video…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Mar 04, 2012
DIY Pastel Hair Chalkingpic
DIY Pastel Hair Chalkingpic
Katniss Braidpic

Katniss Braid

15 pics
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Feb 03, 2012