Emma Roberts Says Bye To Her Scream Queens Character

There’s no denying Scream Queens has been a massive success. From the young Hollywood A-list cast, to the campy story lines and acting, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most buzzed about shows to premiere this fall. Leading lady, Emma Roberts has been getting rave reviews for her portrayal of sorority president Chanel Oberlin, but… More »

HAIRSPIRATION: the shoulder length bob

It’s officially been one year since I got married, changed into KELTIE KNIGHT and cut off all my hair, and since then…I’ve noticed, I was totally a trend setter! SO many people cut their hair like me on TV after! So, it’s time to trend set again and do some growing out and I am… More »

Kylie Jenner Cuts Hair Short Proving She’s Still The Coolest Sister

Kylie Jenner is definitely the hippest of the Kardashian clan. The reality star, 16, experiments with fashion and shies away from the body concious, sexier styles that her sisters are known for.

What?! Two Of Our Favorite Jennifers Chop Off Their Famous Hair

Mercury is definitely in retrograde. What other reason could there be for Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston both cutting off the hair that they’ve become known for?

Hair Inspiration: 40 Great Bob Haircuts

I’ve been growing out my hair for years for our wedding, and now that it is close I cannot wait to chop it all off after the wedding! I’m convinced I would like a short, shoulder length, one length bob haircut. I’ve been looking to the interwebs for all kind of inspiration, and somewhere between… More »

Summer Buzzin’: Fabulous Ladies Who Pull Off Buzzed Hair

After being inspired by Rich’s take on Summer Buzzin’: Haircuts Men Have I Want, I have decided to take a little spin off that. I…

Summer Buzzin’: Haircuts For Men That I Want

Remember when you were little and your (insert preferred guardian here) was baking cookies? Do you remember standing really close to the oven door as it lowered down like a medieval drawbridge to…

Jennifer Lawrence Gets A Shorter Hair ‘Do

Last night, April 20, Jennifer Lawrence, debuted her new short hair cut at…

The Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

I have a short pink bobbed wig, it’s my alter ego. I kinda love it although my natural hair is very wavy so I could never do it in real life! Have you ever rocked one? WHICH CELEBRITY IS WEARING THE BEST BOB?

Who’s Snaking Miley Cyrus’ Style?

Miley Cyrus is best known for her edgy, trendy style and taking risks along with it. After all, this is the gal who chopped off her signature long locks and is…

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