Go Goth: Lip Color To Bring Out Your Dark Side

One major bonus to the temps growing cooler as Fall approaches, is the opportunity to change up your make-up game. With ’90s fashion and make-up trends coming back to the forefront, it only makes sense to channel your inner goth and grab a tube of dark lipstick near you. From deep berry tones to jet black… More »

Kendall Jenner Has Gone Goth And It. Is. Everything.

It was obvious from a young age Kendall Jenner was destined to be a model. The 5’10” beauty has seen more photoshoots, runways and media attention in the past couple years…


I was food shopping and saw this really nice Goth guy in my supermarket. He was very friendly and even posed for his photo to be taken. We have a lot of people here who dress in Gothic clothing and not just young people !! I love that culture I just wish I was young… More »


I’m hoping this is finally working !! We have been without Buzznet working since the 14th ….. Now it seems to be back at least I hope it is…


OKAY so maybe it’s not actually a marathon but I decided to share more of my newspapers comics.Most of them are Tundra and a few others I like. Since…

Artist To Buzz About Spring ’14: Melanie Martinez

She stole our hearts in season three of The Voice with her dark edgy vibe and soulful voice. Now, 19 year-old Melanie Martinez is ready…

Inspiration: Oh My Goth!

Happy World Goth Day, Babies! Sorry I’m a bit late on this one…the #BubbleGoth HQ internet went down today…must be cause of all the #BubbleGothTastic-ness happening 😛 Check out the gallery of some awesome gothic inspirations <3 xo k More For You: Mirror Mirror – Oh My Goth #BubbleGothTastic!: Babs Tarr Illustration

Oh My Goth! Prom Inspired Looks!

It is prom season but not everyone wants to wear a ball gown or bright colors. What about those of you who want to stick to all black everything? Well here are some vamp chic inspired looks that YOU can rock to your prom! What are your thoughts on these looks?

Hot Or Not: Kendall And Kylie’s Boho Goth Coachella Looks

Coachella is the place people go to show off their wildest styles. The music festival has single-handedly made it appropriate for people to wear flower crowns is public. So it’s no surprise to see celebrities…

Iron Fist Epic New Fall Items + a Special Coupon Code

Iron Fist has launched the first items off their Fall line and God, I want everything. This season they’re introducing their signature creepy/cute monsters alongside baby pink lambs playing both on soft knits and killer heels. I also got a sneak peek of the whole catalogue and I can’t wait to get my hands on… More »

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