Saying "Good Riddance" To Toxic Relationships!

Hey everyone, I see too many amazing people broken from toxic relationships and it saddens me. We've all had our share of toxic relationships and heartbreak…
Janae Manigault
Janae Manigault Mar 29, 2014
Breakups - 'Guilty No More'vid

Breakups - 'Guilty No More'

Hello Buzzers! Sometimes no matter how hard you try, some things are bound to break. Love is like a house of cards – it has to…
Sina Lloyd
Sina Lloyd Feb 09, 2014
There Should Be A Day Between Saturday Sundaypic

There Should Be A Day Between Saturday & Sunday

A lot of guys will agree with me about that. For me, I can't make Mondays any interesting as possible. I guess I have to…
Jubedha Dec 08, 2013