Dear 2013, I'm Thankful For...

It feels like it was last week that I was writting a thankful blog for Thanksgiving 2012. Am I the only person who thinks this…
gabbiebrown Nov 25, 2013

Life Blog: Turning the BIG 21

Today I'am 21 and while most people would be out flashing their newly horizontal card, I have decided that spending time at a show I…
gabbiebrown Nov 08, 2013

Gabbie Brown Interviews Lennon and Maisy of ABC's Nashville

My favorite show on TV is NASHVILLE! So when given the opportunity to travel to the breathtaking city and interview two of the cutest stars…
gabbiebrown Sep 24, 2013

The Truth About What It Takes To Let You Go

Do we ever really know when It's time to let go? What makes us suddenly want to forget everything and move on? Can we ever…
gabbiebrown Sep 18, 2013

How To: Dress Like Penny Lane

Alright fellow BUZZNET Pals, we all know that Penny Lane is pretty much me in another life. Lately I've been seeing her name thrown out…
gabbiebrown Aug 29, 2013


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gabbiebrown Aug 08, 2013

Swooning Over Sunday: MONA

This Sunday I'm swooning over MONA, If you love all things retro but modern day rock, these are your guys. The band is made up…
gabbiebrown Jun 30, 2013
Perfect Bagpic

Perfect Bag

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gabbiebrown Jun 24, 2013

Gabbie Browns Country Music Awards Festival Adventures

I'm sure If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you saw I was in Nashville last week for CMA Fest! I had the lovely…
gabbiebrown Jun 20, 2013

4 Years On BUZZNET: Blow Out The Candle

Today is not only Mothers Day but also my 4 year Buzziversary. This would infact make it the longest relationship I have ever been in. This…
gabbiebrown May 12, 2013

Are Ballads A Dying Breed?

nbsp;                                    There's something so special about a ballad. Maybe…
gabbiebrown May 01, 2013

BUZZNET Exclusive: Q&A With Smoke Season

I had the chance to catch up and get to learn a little about my friends over in Smoke Season. Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman…
gabbiebrown Apr 27, 2013
Undesirable Peoplepic
gabbiebrown Apr 18, 2013

Emerging Artist To Watch: We As Human

It's getting towards the end of this wonderful month of Emerging Talent on BUZZNET! I've been getting to know a lot of cool bands thanks…
gabbiebrown Mar 26, 2013

Thought Blog: Hi_____, Thanks For Showing Up Again

We all have that person who comes in and out of our lives like magic. They send you a text, email, tweet, a "Hey miss…
gabbiebrown Mar 18, 2013