2015 Polar Bear Swim at English Bay with La Casita Tacos in Vancouver BCpic

2015 Polar Bear Swim at English Bay with La Casita Tacos in Vancouver BC

La Casita Tacos staff along with its customers dropped their clothes to dive into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean on a chill noon…
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lacasitarestaurants Jan 24, 2015


On New Years Day we decided to go watch a bunch of crazy people run into the water when it was only in the low…
BIZARRELAND Jan 04, 2015

BRR! The Polar Vortex Mix

If you're reading this from someplace warm, I envy you. As I'm sure you've all heard, it seems that this "polar vortex" has returned and…
The Lone Trailpic

The Lone Trail

Well ... it was FRIGID in the good ole Mitten today!  Our temperature is -15 Farenheit and that is too darned COLD!!!  My toes are…
CANDLE Jan 24, 2013
Caroline Trentinipic

Caroline Trentini

  Caroline Trentini, Hilary Rhoda for Bally 2012 Campaign    
preciousstone Dec 11, 2012

What Chilled Jennifer Lawrence To The Bone?

Jennifer Lawrence is one firey lady - after all, she's previously shot down rude weight comments and has openly announced her love of Honey Boo…
Patty Nov 28, 2012
it's so cold i won't even take my clothes off to showerpic

it's so cold i won't even take my clothes off to shower

i know i would warm up if i took a shower, but it is 6 degrees right now. (6 degrees fahrenheit = -14.44 degrees celsius)…
Aly Feb 09, 2011
Punting in winterpic

Punting in winter

Cambridge, England - The Backs behond the colleges
angrylambie Jan 12, 2011
Day 343pic

Day 343

Song: If I Leave-A Day To Remember It's freeeeezing here! I was disappointed we didn't get a snow day. The wind chill was below 0. And…
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Dec 13, 2010

Ice cream :)

hahaa :) Today i was freezing (I was with my jacket and my friend's Daniel sweater) and my friend Cristian said "Hey, i want an…
pwbananaface May 03, 2010
This is more than a week old...pic

This is more than a week old...

but I ran here again today and this time, the water was mostly frozen. I'm glad there are plenty of running routes in the area…
The trees are freezing!pic

The trees are freezing!

And so was I! lol Dec. 2008
Christmas Morning Runpic

Christmas Morning Run

Curlywise: 1. Snowy bridge 2. Reflection at the golfing range 3. New ipod remote control I got from my sis for Xmas 4. Shadow keeps me company


Everything is covered in ice. It's negative 5ish outside but with wind chill(it's super windy) it's negative 35. I went outside to get something and…
Rhianna Dec 21, 2008
It went from that to thispic

It went from that to this

Sunday it was SOO beautiful and hot outside, and today I doubt it will get out of the 20s.