Francesqa Confirm Split With Emotional Announcement

As the year draws to a close, we look back on the bands who emerged throughout 2011 and those who faded away - Francesqa managed…
amyjoebloggs Dec 05, 2011

10 hot bands you need to hear

Many of these bands you may never have heard of but that's about to change. All of these guys deserve to be bigger than they…
Asialee Nov 29, 2011


Leeds Academy 5th October 2011
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SamBall. Oct 24, 2011
Ben Hordos.pic

Ben Hordos.

This cutie pie is Ben Hordos, the bassist for Francesqa. If you don't do anthing for the rest of your day, I URGE you to…
SamBall. Oct 15, 2011

Been a while, Buzznet!

Hi! Sorry I've not said anything in like forever!  I've been busy going around the country, in the past 3 weeks I've stayed in Stoke, Bristol…
cara elizabeth
cara elizabeth Oct 10, 2011

Fransequa- Not What You Expect.

Francesqa are a british five piece rock band, with sound of  something new; something more exciting. The band formed in 2009, consisted of just Ashley…
Francesqa - All I Hadvid

Francesqa - All I Had

SUCH a good band and such a good song, friends of friends and saw them play Norwich Arts Centre about 2 weeks ago, absolutely amazing…
jessybell Feb 25, 2011