Hot or Not? Ashlee Simpson Rocks Lace And Feathers At The Met

Ashlee Simpson sure has come a long way since her black hair, different nose,  and overall Avril-tastic ways. The 28 year-old mother of one (and former ballet dancer herself) attended…

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Wild In New Pictures (VIDEO)

Though her new, dark locks are covered in many of the pictures, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lawrence is feeling edgy in W magazine. The photos are bird-themed and the…

65 Fierce Feather Tattoos

My favourite day of the week… TATTOO TUESDAY! Today’s tattoo’s are inspired by feather’s: which are one the most beautiful things to me. I absolutely love how they look, and how detail really makes a feather tattoo worth getting. I’ve collected a whole bunch of photos, and even some from Samii Ryan and Demi Lovato!… More »

Samii Ryan & Victoria Justice Feathers

Be sure to pick up Victoria Justice’s merch while she is on tour, we designed the feathers together!

What we have been working on the past month!! So happy I…

Bonnaroo Adventures

Hey Guys! So as you all know I am vending Bonnaroo this weekend! Josh, Dave & I headed down from PA – TN Monday night. We arrived in the small city of Manchester TN, yesterday morning. After check in, we headed to our tent in the Centeroo Marketplace. I am really excited because we are… More »

Samii Ryan Presents: The Lost Film

Hey Lovers! Check out this gallery of film photos I just got developed! I recently developed film that I almost forgot about! There are so many amazing pictures! There are photos from my 20th birthday party at my Mom’s house, some are from SXSW 2 years ago and some are recent!! Literally filled with Spirithoods,… More »

Keltie Collen on The Insider wearing By Samii Ryan!!

Check out my doll Keltie Colleen wearing By Samii Ryan’s “Cross Earring” on The Insider while she was interviewing Kris Allen!!

Sorry the screen shots are ridiculous haha! Check out…

40% off Coupon Code

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10 Bizarre Fake Eyelashes!

A few days ago I saw a picture of a model at a fashion show with the most bizzare fake eyelashes! And when I say fake, I mean – REALLY FAKE. I’ll post that particular picture at the end of this gallery, so make sure to check that one out because it’ll definitely suprirse you…. More »

Flo + Diary Post

Todays Attire

Blouse: Salvation Army

Leggings: Forever 21

Booties: Steve Madden

Hat: Forever 21


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