Buzznet Music Coverage: Fearless Fall Tours

Today, Fearless Records bands Mayday Parade and Real Friends have announced two fall tours, with awesome bands from Rise Records, No Sleep Records and Hopeless…
EdIsAGenius Aug 04, 2014

I Suck At This

Since the beginning of 2014, I've been blogging about my experiences in navigating this crazy, confusing world of following your dreams with a special segment…
Tina Jul 07, 2014

B. R. A. V. E.

This is pretty old but still very relevant and I felt compelled to share it with the world. Today I was told that I’ve got “some big…
Nancy Jul 06, 2014

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Goes 90's

My guys of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are featured on Fearless Records latest Punk Goes... compilation. This time, punk bands covered songs from the 90s. Chunk! have covered Smash…
EdIsAGenius Mar 31, 2014


Model: Carrie Bilbrey Makeup: Alaina Davis Photographer: Jake Revolt This photo was inspired by the fearless power of women. It portrays strength, beauty, and an understanding of the…
jakerevolt Jan 10, 2014

2013: The Year of Change

One year. 12 months. 365 days. I have spent all of them drowning in uncertainty, fear, love, laughter, crying myself to sleep, jealousy, shock, joy…
Tina Dec 30, 2013
Come Home Acoustic - Tonight Alive - ArtetraRickyvid

Come Home (Acoustic) - Tonight Alive - ArtetraRicky

This is my acoustic cover of Come Home by Tonight Alive!! I love this song and I love this band!! I hope you like it!!!
artetraricky Dec 30, 2013
CDI College Calgary South Campus Students on the Halloween Day Angel and Snow Womanpic

CDI College Calgary South Campus Students on the Halloween Day Angel and Snow Woman

On the October 31, 2013 our students dressed up in different costumes to impress each other with their creativity and have fun by wearing something…
26 pics
CDI College
CDI College Nov 14, 2013

The Wolf

I was looking back at some of my Facebook postings and came across one that truly made me proud. It made me realize how far…
menaj Aug 25, 2013

Tonight Alive Read Quotes From Popular American Films At Warped Tour LOL

Just because I thought it would be VERY funny, I asked the boys of Tonight Alive to read some quotes from popular American films during our…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Jul 02, 2013

Get Scared Joins The Fearless Records Family!

I'm so stoked to announce that my friends in Get Scared have joined the Fearless Records family along with our roster of bands like Motionless…

What Is Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album?

Taylor Swift has some incredible bodies of work at the ripe age of 23. Some that she wrote all on her own -- and some…

Youtube Evolution Of: Mayday Parade

Happy Friday AND Happy May!! In honor of May, I decided to do this week's Youtube Evolution on Mayday Parade! I seriously have loved that band…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee May 02, 2013
BUZZNET Exclusive: Photos From The 'Legendary' Release Party!pic

BUZZNET Exclusive: Photos From The 'Legendary' Release Party!

fun fun fun fun!!!! I love my Buzznet ladies!!
Kate Cordova
Kate Cordova Apr 27, 2013 Originally by brianlogandales

Youtube Evolution Of: The Summer Set

TGIF!!  Here we meet again on a lovely Friday, hope everyone had an amazing week! This week's Youtube Evolution is going to be on The Summer…