Teeny TIny Puppies To Steal Your Heart

They may not be fashion or music centric, but puppies are an undeniable favorite here at Buzznet. We wake you up and put you to…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Apr 15, 2015

22 Chanel Inspired Tattoos For The Fashion Obsessed

It's no secret Chanel is an iconic brand that has stood strong against the test of time. Flawless faces have lent their looks to promote…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Oct 02, 2015

Mirrored Must Haves: Shop These Sunnies Now!

The sun is coming out...YAY! With sunshine comes the need to protect your pretty peepers. Regardless if you think you look good in sunglasses, the…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Apr 01, 2015

NINE CROWS Lookbook Feat. Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva

I recently teamed up with my BFF Bebe Zeva and NINE CROWS to shoot a super dope lookbook appropriately titled “Drinking in LA.”  NINE CROWS…
Jessi Jae Joplin
Jessi Jae Joplin Mar 30, 2015

Why You Should Never Go Back..

I found this article while browsing around Facebook and it hit hard for me. Everything in this article I took into my soul because I…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Feb 15, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Kiyoko Talks New EP, CSI & More!

Have you heard of the lovely lady Hayley Kioyoko? Well get ready to blast her music and fall in love with it! Not only is Hayley…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Feb 10, 2015

Yay Or Nay: Zendaya's New Pixie Cut

Aside from being one of the biggest Disney stars, singer, and incredible dancer, one of the things 18-year old Zendaya is known for is her…
rebeccahrose Feb 10, 2015

Act As If Premiere Video For 'Uh Huh'!

Happy Tuesday! We have an amazing band we are excited to share with you! Act As If has just premiered their new video for "Uh Huh"…

Rihanna Swims With Real Sharks In Daring Photo Shoot For Harpers Bazaar

A dozen dives and three outfit changes completed the March issue of Harpers Bazaar. Who else could make swimming with sharks look THIS good? Rihanna jumped…

Relighting a Candle..

When  you light a candle for the first time, you see the flame grow and become massive. It is so powerful that the wax on…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Feb 05, 2015

Man Crush Monday: Tom Brady

As most of you already know, The Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday! Not only was it an incredible game but I was so proud…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Feb 02, 2015

It's Tee Time

nbsp; We know you love your button downs, blouses, and dressy knits. There’s a whole world of tops out there but nothing fits quite like…
Mindy White
Mindy White Jan 04, 2015

POLL: What's Your Favorite Of Nicole Richie's Hair Colors?

In case you've missed it, Nicole Richie's hair is ever-changing! I'm a huge fan of colored hair (hence my blue hair) and love that she…

Designer Spotlight: Maison Du Soir

nbsp; As a female, I know how fun it can be to get ready everyday, and be able to switch up outfits depending on your mood…
Mindy White
Mindy White Jan 27, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Rixton's Hotel Ceiling Video Teaser

We are SO excited to be able to share this with you guys! One of our all time favorites, Rixton, have released the newest teaser…