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robincadizme Nov 26, 2012
Monster High Inspirationpic
Dots and Hair.pic

Dots and Hair.

I put some 14inch extensions in the other day, not very long I know but, they make my hair look so much fuller! I am…
Chandralynn. Oct 02, 2011

Jessica Louise - One of my Fashion Highlights

This Desginer is really awesome!! Just made a Blog Entry about her and her adorable Stuff. She is really a Fashion Highlight!! Have a wonderful Sunday, missmonster
missmonster Apr 16, 2011
After losing your way across star riddled skiespic

After losing your way across star riddled skies

so its 3.50 in the morning and i cant sleep ... im missing somone in my bed. the only thing thats making me sleepy is…
Keights Mar 27, 2011

The Zodiac in Jewelry

1. Aries (vintage signed Luke Razza necklace) 2.Taurus (14k gold vintage pendant) 3. Gemini (handmade pendant) 4.Cancer (1980s pewter & goldplate necklaceby Razza) 5. Leo (vintage…
Nefertara Mar 04, 2011

Jeremy Scott - Hair&Makeup

Jeremy Scott, Ready-to-wear Fall 2011 Backstage, Hair and makeup **Love the colors**
Meanie Moon
Meanie Moon Feb 21, 2011
My summer collection is going to be all mermaid inspiredpic

My summer collection is going to be all mermaid inspired

I've had a life long obsession with mermaids. My fashion label's logo is even a mermaid:) My dad's mom's family crest is a mermaid with…
Nefertara Jan 31, 2011


close-up make-up
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Pippa Jan 20, 2011

Top 10 "Must Have" Finds Of The Week =D

Here They Are The Top Ten Things I've  Dubbed "Must Haves" Of The Week                1.    Fitted Velvet Dresses This One Was Found At Charlotte Russe $26.50   2…
Day 120- Rain Rain, please do stay :pic

Day 120- Rain Rain, please do stay :)

I LOVE rain, just sayin ;) Today’s been like any other Sunday really, spent the morning doing the cleaning, did some work this afternoon and…
BethRebisz Sep 26, 2010

Okay so..

So.. I'm extremely bored. Watching another re-run of Beverly Hills 90210, and yes, I have seen the episode before. I should be doing my homework.Aah, not…
iamrainbowraider Aug 24, 2010


Reactions to Emma Watson's new pixie hair are divided. Some say she's really cool and brave for chopping her hair off but some say that…
whileimstillaround Aug 06, 2010

My hunt for the PERFECT dress..

So, the dance is coming up in merely two weeks, i've been searching online, in stores, everywhere i can not find the dress, that fits…
mariahmelody May 26, 2010