♥ Happy 27th Birthday Georg Listing ♥

WATCH IN HD FOR A BETTER RESOLUTION.On March 31, 1987 a little boy was born and he never expected to become a rockstar in his…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Mar 31, 2014

Dexter&Rita // Life Has Just To Be Lived [SPOILER ALERT]

Hey my dear Buzzneters, here I am with a new video I made this afternoon. I felt so inspired ;) I think it will not be the…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Mar 24, 2014
Brilliant Britney Spears Til Its Gone Music Videopic

Brilliant Britney Spears “Til It’s Gone” Music Video

What? What is the flawless music video treatment for “Til It’s Gone” that came out of nowhere? It’s high fashion, it’s sexy and it barely…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Mar 02, 2014
Bill, You're My Brightest Morning Star Happy Valentine's Day vid

Bill, You're My Brightest Morning Star ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

WATCH IN HD, PLEASE :) If you can't watch it, click HERE Happy Valentine's Day everyone.After such a long time I come back with a romantic video.The…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Feb 14, 2014
Britney: Fantasy Remixes Are Provocative, Sensual, Temptingpic

Britney: Fantasy Remixes Are “Provocative, Sensual, Tempting”

Fantasy… everybody has one, naughty or nice. Note: the artwork above is fan-made. Britney is a nice girl at home, but on stage she’s Britney, BITCH &ndash…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 13, 2014
Britney Spears Featuring Sia Perfume Orchestral Versionpic

Britney Spears Featuring Sia – “Perfume” Orchestral Version

Check this awesome “Perfume” remix with a new background and a breakdown using Sia’s vocals. How’d he do it? I’ll never tell… Source:
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 21, 2013
Joseph Kahn: Fine, Heres The Directors Cutpic

Joseph Kahn: Fine, Here’s The Director’s Cut

And just like that, Joseph Kahn is officially over it. "Fine. Here's the director's cut: …" Source:
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 15, 2013
Take A Selfie With Britney britneystickerpic

Take A Selfie With Britney #britneysticker

You can fake a selfie with the Queen with UrTurn’s latest Britney sticker! Let's check mine above XP Now it’s UrTurn. #britneysticker
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 04, 2013


Today is such a special day for me, my Goddess, my life, my everything, the blood that runs in my veins, my oxygen, was born…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 02, 2013
Fancy Fan-Made Britney Jean Promo Videopic

Fancy Fan-Made “Britney Jean” Promo Video

Check out this AWESOME promo video made by Exhale member BritneyChina. You wanna hype things up? You betta work bitch. Source:
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 18, 2013
New Britney Jean Deluxe Track Leaks XDpic

New “Britney Jean” Deluxe Track Leaks XD

Britney Spears and Will.I.Am are NOT going to be happy one of their new songs leaked onto BreatheHeavy today. Regardless, it’s a pretty hot jam…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 11, 2013