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The Evolution Of Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko has always had amazing style and she just keeps on getting better! The singer just released her debut album, Expectations, and needless to say, we are hooked! While we may have gotten to know her in the 2011 Disney Channel Original Movie, Lemonade Mouth, we’re even more intrigued as to who she is… More »

The Evolution Of Camila Cabello

Songstress Camila Cabello is getting ready to release her debut solo album, Camila, this Friday, January 12! In honor of the singer’s big release, we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane to relive Cabello’s journey. From her Fifth Harmony days to her big solo debut, this girl always looks stunning. This is the… More »

The Evolution of Taylor Swift

Our girl Taylor Swift just released her sixth studio album, Reputation, and we think it’s pretty safe to say that this is the singer’s savage era! Swift has gone through a ton of transformations over the past decade and it’s exciting to see where her career will take her next. Until then, let’s take a… More »

The Evolution Of Echosmith

Echosmith have gone through many changes over the years, most notably the departure of brother Jamie Sierota from the band as he decided to focus on his family. As their newly released EP, Inside A Dream, details, change is inevitable and crucial for the process of growth and self-love. Here’s a look back on the… More »

The Evolution Of Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been one of the top reigning queens of pop for about a decade now and her newly released fourth album, Witness, is an eccentric yet oddly satisfying journey into new territory. While her music style has always delighted, it’s also quite evident that Perry has had some pretty rad looks for the… More »

The Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

The Simpsons are clearly some sort of coven of fresh-scrubbed smiley blonde warlocks that have glamored the world into giving them all of their money and love. The youngest of the Texas bred wizards is Ashlee, who first stole our hearts in The Ashlee Simpson Show on MTV (which unfortunately is not available on DVD… More »

The Evolution Of Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of the more annoying evolutions to witness, because she somehow skipped over that phase that every celebrity has in the beginning (or middle) of their careers where they are already famous yet experiencing some particularly embarrassing fashion missteps. While Emma’s style has certainly matured and gotten more and more amazing over… More »

The Evolution Of Lizzy Caplan

Man, I friggin love Lizzy Caplan. Ever since she played Sara on Freaks and Geeks (aka one of the best shows of all time), she’s been on my radar. But it was her turn as the wickedly funny Janice Ian alongside Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (one of the best movies of all time) that… More »

The Evolution Of Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is a seemingly unwilling fashion icon, which is what makes her style all the more charming and alluring. The Paramore frontwoman has made her mark on music as the tiny girl with the big, big vocal chords, and her clothing, while an expression of herself, hardly seems like the thing that consumes much… More »

The Evolution Of Selena Gomez

Of the last graduating class of Disney stars, Selena Gomez is hands down the good girl of the bunch, not only in terms of lack of scandal and giant visible tattoos (okay she has a tiny heart on her wrist but that hardly counts). This goodness extends not only to her personal life but also… More »

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