#FBF Oscar Winners From a Decade Ago

Happy Friday, party people! We’re just days away from La La Land day, er I mean, the Oscars. With this glamorous award show on the horizon, let’s reflect on past winners. If we rewind an entire decade to 2007, we can revisit some oldies but goodies. Back in ’07 the recession was total insanity and the very… More »

GASP! Beyonce Rumored To Perform At The 2013 Oscars?!

We’ve been doing a bit of research here and there and there seems to be some talk of the town saying that Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson will be performing at this years…

Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Dreambitches!

We thought we’d save you the $25 DreamWorks is charging to see Dreamgirls a week before its official opening on Christmas Day, by sharing with you this exclusive preview of the movie musical with all…

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