Nefertara at All Star Mondays

I had so much fun at All Star Mondays- NEXT Drag All Star Competition PHOTO by Corey Banda  i made my skull dress is by The Church of…
Nefertara Jun 27, 2014


xraulopezx Mar 18, 2014


[unsplit love] V-Neck Unisex Shirt (available very soon) www.facebook.com/createghettoart jan.25.2014
xraulopezx Jan 26, 2014
Lazy day magazine pile!pic
Brooklyn Grey
Brooklyn Grey Nov 23, 2012
Pride Fest 2012pic
abbyrezz Nov 13, 2012

Photos of Style Icons in ’70s NYC

Reblogged from Anna Plassan First published in 1973 and now back in print, Idols by Gilles Larrain is a visual account of New York City’s art-and-music subcultures from…
estellarosavolstead Aug 21, 2012
red carpet10pic

Random diary post type thing: Makeup Makeup Makeup

Today my mom and I went to Sally's Beauty Store to get her some hair dye. Let me just say it took alittle bit…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Oct 30, 2011
lady bunny is a hot messssssvid

lady bunny is a hot messssss

i love this bitch
Kelsey Grammer mobbed on Broadway Stagevid

Kelsey Grammer mobbed on Broadway Stage

TIMES SQUARE, NYC. SEPT. 12, 2010. 100 DANCERS, 10,000 UNEXPECTING PARTICIPANTS. 100 women dressed in HUE Leggings ran through NYC's Times Square and took over…
huepsm Oct 01, 2010
B i N g Opic

B i N g O

Sorry for the typing. Me Aja Benzin. Gay Bingo with the Cyber Sluts (they are big drag queens.) We just look like douche bags, we were supposed…
homofag Mar 14, 2009
Jeffree is some hot stuffpic
el santopic
Xris Nov 07, 2007
Hollywood Halloween Parade coming soon!!pic

Hollywood Halloween Parade coming soon!!

I can't wait to go take pictures again Hope to see some of you there. CLICK HERE for the 2005 parade . . CLICK HERE for the 2006…
Xris Oct 08, 2007

If you became supreme ruler for one day, what would you make mandatory?

Just pretend you have supreme power over everyone. Pick which law you'd pass.
pompasaurus Jul 12, 2007