40 Happy Celebs at Disney Parks

Disney is known for being the happiest place on earth so it’s no wonder celebs flock to the parks to get in on all the fun! We compiled a gallery of 40 of Hollywood’s hottest celebs joining in on Disney’s magical celebrations and it really made us want to start booking a flight right away!… More »

My First Trip To Disneyland!

Hey guys, 

I just recently got to finally enjoy my first trip to Disneyland! I had no idea what to expect but ended up having a blast. Now I get why everyone has a season pass…

Celebs At Disneyland

They don’t call it the Happiest Place on Earth for nothing! Millions of children of all ages from all over the world flock to the enchanted amusement park (created by the late animator Walt Disney) yearly. Many celebrities have an affinity for the House of Mouse and they’re not always the ones with families and… More »

Take A Look Inside: A Picture Perfect Fairy Tale Disney Wedding

Here are Buzznet we all love everything Disney. My friend, Amy, married the love of her life, Jonathan, on the Fourth Of July 2013. She truly had the most magical, beautiful Disney themed wedding, AT DISNEY WORLD. This wedding was literally picture perfect. From the wedding dress, the venue, cake, the dance floor, every little… More »

Demi Lovato Has Quintessential Disneyland Moment With Her Ex

Demi Lovato is a bonafide superstar, but it looks like she’s decided to take the real-girl-route, and it’s kind of awesome. First the star, 21, posted a very adorable and relatable selfie, and now…

OMG! All Time Low’s Jack Barakat & Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie Spend The Day At Disneyland

Yesterday All Time Low’s Jack Barakat and Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, and his new wife Sarah Urie, joined some of their friends for a day at our favorite place – DISNEYLAND! Take a look at some of the photos the group posted on Instagram from their magical day. So cute! But where was… More »

65 Of The Greatest Disney Tattoos

On sunday, I am heading to Disneyland to host the dance special ‘America Loves to Dance” and that means I get to stay in my favorite hotel in the world the Disneyland Hotel!!!!!!!!! It’s always makes me think of how much people LOVE disney (I see you Kate Cordova) and the people who decide to… More »

Disneyland Villains Are Pretty Much Drag Queens And I Love It

Found ViIA Gawker

Disneyland is a place that I love…

Summer Buzzin: Happy 58th Birthday Disneyland

Today marks Disneyland’s 58th Birthday!! In celebration of this beautiful day, I thought I’d share with you my adventure to the amazing park from this past weekend, Sara Scoggins

Tokyo Disneyland Celebrates Its 30th Birthday

Mickey Mouse and friends were out in full force last month as Tokyo Disney Resort celebrated its 30th anniversary, a successful run that has attracted more than 560 million visitors since the opening in 1983. Thousands of fans packed Tokyo Disneyland to watch its birthday parade. A commemorative ceremony was held in front of Cinderella… More »

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