Blue Dip-Dyepic

Blue Dip-Dye

Blue Dip-Dye
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itsallisonbtch Jan 02, 2014
my new hairpic

my "new" hair

na verdade já pintei ele duas vezes depois dessa aí rsrs
Amye Ramone
Amye Ramone Sep 06, 2012
Purple Hair Don't Carepic
Mina Braga
Mina Braga Aug 22, 2012 Originally by keltiecolleen
Purple Hair Don't Carepic
DIY: Dip-Dye Hairvid

DIY: Dip-Dye Hair

So here is another Dip-Dye Video. Sorry for not making any new posts lately. I'll promise more in the future.  
Riot With Pretty Curls
Riot With Pretty Curls Aug 05, 2012
Red Dip Dye Hairpic

Dip dyed What should I do this time? - Qual dip dyed devo fazer dessa vez?

Guys, I know I said I would not give to the poll this month because I had bought the dyes to dye my hair, but…
Amye Ramone
Amye Ramone May 12, 2012
my hair is dip dyedpic

my hair is dip dyed

i dont know weather to like it or hate myself because everybody else has it! haha.. i hope my mum is back soon with strawberries!…
wednesdayadams Apr 11, 2012
Fazer o meu dip dye hairpic
Lauren Conradpic

Lauren Conrad

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Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Oct 27, 2011
Me with Dip Dye Hairpic

Me with Dip Dye Hair

Latest trend to hit the world of hair seems to be dip-dye hair. Admittedly, I saw it a couple of months ago and fell in…
jessicalawrence Oct 22, 2011
Woman With FireFlame-Colored Hair, Wearing Sunglasses Tattoospic

Woman With Fire/Flame-Colored Hair, Wearing Sunglasses &...

Woman With Fire/Flame-Colored Hair, Wearing Sunglasses & Tattoos I love the color in her hair, OMG…Imported from CHERRY AMBITION
NinaLeeCherryAmbition Oct 20, 2011
Pick Charlavail's New Hair Colorpic

Pick Charlavail's New Hair Color

Blue/ White Ombre
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charlavail Aug 19, 2011

DIY: How To Dip Dye Your Hair

Reblogged from Martina Satoriova Already there has been a lot written on the topic of Dip Dye Hair and there are definitely a lot of galleries…
missmonster Aug 15, 2011 Originally by martinasatoriova