Porsche man 2014- DG BolducPhotographypic

Porsche man 2014- DG BolducPhotography

Model Brandon Nichols Prop 2014 Porche Caymen
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brandonnichols Jul 23, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Weylie Hoang. The beauty guru. The fashion expert. YouTube's favorite "big sister"

nbsp;       Hello people of the internet! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’ we’re going to discuss a beauty guru who has turned her amazing beauty/style skills, fun…
celindareyes Mar 22, 2014

How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions All Year Round

Each new year brings the feeling of a fresh start and a clean slate to start over. For many, this means setting big goals -…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Jan 04, 2013

Jamie Lynn Spears Dedicates A Song To Her Sis Britney Called "I Look Up To You"

Jamie Lynn performed at the 3rd & Lindsley Bar in Nashville, Tennessee Thursday night, and sang a sweet song she wrote for Britney called, “I…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jun 15, 2012

Dedicated To My Angel // I See You

Finally I come back with this project... The time isn't enough and some projects are still stop but I promise to bring them back when…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Apr 15, 2012


A wooden jardiniere sculpture dedicated to the Blue Gum Tree in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens of Hobart; a unique and very special tree to…
offplanetfilms Sep 10, 2011

How Far Would YOU Go To Get Close To Your Idol?

Foor Example..THIS: These Fans seem to have NO PROBLEM taking their tops off just to be onstage next to T-MOM. Are you a fan to TPR? Would…
Rebecca Horgan
Rebecca Horgan Jul 13, 2011


“I would like to thank all my dedicated fans who have supported me through thick and thin. You are in my heart! Seeing you guys…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jun 19, 2011

Dedicated to you!

I decided to write this blog inspiring about one of the last blog of my friend Kat, I always tried to don’t copy the others…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 24, 2011
For my angel: Until It Beats No Morevid

For my angel: Until It Beats No More

When I bought LOVE? album of Jennifer Lopez, I fell in love with this song since the first second, reading the text, I discovered that…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 17, 2011
Day 39- Dedication takes a lifetime.pic

Day 39- Dedication takes a lifetime.

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For a Night) - All Time Low
Omer Pasha-'The Curse' USA Dedicationsvid

Omer Pasha-'The Curse' USA Dedications

Omer Pasha-'The Curse' USA Dedications Celebration of Omer Pasha Movies @ Cannes & USA for 4 years straight.
omerpashatv Dec 15, 2009

Not even a stich away

Okay so I'm not any closer to reaching this "perfection" I'm looking for. Infact I've been over indulging in peanut butter and quavers. Comfort eating…
XOXOella. Jun 09, 2009
. fuck you.pic

. fuck you.

. dedication for some two girls. . uhu.
sn0wy Feb 22, 2009

Auspicious Vampyre

Our auspicious vampyre Sets me on fire Fills me with desire Gives us our daily apothegm No need to lead to us astray For he…
real36 Jul 18, 2008