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James Francos Naked Selfie Inspired By Britneypic

James Franco’s Naked Selfie Inspired By Britney

Actor James Franco set the Internet ablaze last week after posting (and soon deleting) a nearly-nude selfie of himself. The motive behind it? Britney Spears. Franco…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 10, 2014
Hot or Not?: Selena Gomez's Bustier Dresspic

Hot or Not?: Selena Gomez's Bustier Dress

Actress and songstress Selena Gomez showed up for The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City sporting an Emilio Pucci patterned bustier dress…
Sylvs Mar 15, 2011
Me Mark Wilson of JETpic
Danni O.
Danni O. Aug 27, 2009
timmay Jun 18, 2008
How Annoying Is Heidi Montag?pic

How Annoying Is Heidi Montag?

Heidi Montag wore this pink lacy dress to the David Letterman show in NY. She's wants every household knowing her name. She can pass for any…
celebgossip May 01, 2008
This is how I look at midnight.pic

This is how I look at midnight.

David Letterman fans, buzz this.
caprixxsunxxhappy May 25, 2007
Michael Richards Apologizes for Racist Ragepic

Michael Richards Apologizes for Racist Rage

Michael Richards explained via satellite from Los Angeles to David Letterman and friend Jerry Seinfeld in New York, that he had lost his temper after…
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celebgossip Nov 20, 2006
Now if only I can get in there...pic
fuck U bill o'reilly!!!pic

fuck U bill o'reilly!!!

good showing on letterman you fascist!! have sorta lost touch with dave (no cable here, limited reception), but was a huge fan in the early 80s…
Richard Pryor w David Letterman Robin Williamspic