@ Brixton Academy, London
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Shiona Mar 23, 2013

Finch 'What It Is To Burn' 10: 'And We Are Here To Sing You A Song'

I can remember being 15 and a friend handing me a burnt copy of Finch's What It Is To Burn along with a copy of…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Feb 03, 2013

FINCH - Reunited and Ready to Rock!

"Its been awesome" Randy tells us, his obvious excitement of being able to tour again evident as he speaks "I mean it helps us click…
VivaLaScene Apr 03, 2009

RESONATE: Finch Perform Four Songs Acoustically at the Buzznet HQ

Finch left their amps (and screams) at home during a recent visit to Buzznet HQ, where the band treated us to four stripped-down acoustic performances…
djrossstar Aug 20, 2008
Delphine, Daniel, Drew, Nate and mepic
Finch at the Roxypic

Finch at the Roxy

Finch's set at the Roxy last week. rock out.
finchtheband Apr 14, 2008